Title: Love’s Ache
A Single Father’s Dark Romance
Series: Gently Broken
Author: Ava Alise
Release Date: Nov 18th 2017
“Perfect love is imperfect.”


I’m a magnet for bad relationships. “He was too wild.” “We were too young.” But love is blind, and I never listen. Now at twenty-one years old, I’m divorced, frustrated and grieving my sister. 
Chris was supposed to be a fling, a break from the pain so I can move on with my life. He’s exactly the type of guy my sister always warned me about. But every time he touches me, it becomes harder to walk away. Should I play it safe and honor my sister’s memory? Or should I follow my instincts, even if they’ve always been wrong?

I’m a working single father. The last thing I need is a relationship, and Liz clearly wants nothing more than a no-strings fling. Perfect fit, right? We even had a code: no lying, and no falling in love. But the longer this goes on, the more everything is turning upside-down. It’s usually girls that fall in love, but now I’m the one who’s trying to stay unattached. See, the last thing Liz wants is to end up with a guy like me. Nice girls don’t usually end up with strippers.


Become Invested In Characters & Plot + HOT Chemistry = My Kind of Romance  

     Love’s Ache is the riveting story of Chris and Liz. The story will have you hooked from the first page to the last. You will feel for, ache for, and cheer on Liz and Chris through out the story. Love’s Ache has a remarkable storyline, well developed characters, and sizzling scenes. Liz and Chris are realistic and believable characters. You will feel like these character could be your friend or even meet them around your town. 

   Both Liz and Chris have been unlucky in love and have experienced heartache. Either one wants to get hurt and decide to have an affair without commitments. The chemistry between Liz and Chris is electric. These two are drawn to each other, and it is scorching hot. With everything else going on in their lives, will they be able to find happiness and love?

   Chris is a single father who tries to do the best for his son and to put his son’s needs first. Chris is a stripper and sinfully sexy. He tries to deal with his son’s mother, so the child can have her in his life. Chris has a kind and sensitive side that Liz gets to see. He doesn’t tell Liz what he does for a living. 

    Liz is a college student. She has recently got divorced and been dumped by her boyfriend. Liz is also dealing with her sister’s death. She is heartbroken of the loss of her sister and the end of her relationship with Sean. Liz’s friends take her out to celebrate her divorce. Liz meets Chris that night, while out with her friends at a club. 

     Love’s Ache is my kind of romance. It is one that you are fully invested with the plot / storyline and characters from the beginning, but it will keep you guessing and on edge through out the story. This story makes you wait for the characters to grow, develop and discover themselves before they can find their happiness / love. Ava Alise delivered a magnificent story. I can’t wait for the next book. 

Overall Story – 5 Stars
Chemistry – 5 Stars
POV – Dual / Alternating POVs
Cliffhanger – No
Recommend to Others – Yes
5/5 Stars 



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About the Author: 

Ava Alise is a contemporary new adult romance author, who enjoys writing stories with sexy complex characters in an imperfect world. While her stories always sizzle, they will also take you on an emotional ride that will hold you hostage until the end. She is married to the love of her life and has two children. She enjoys a good laugh and will talk to just about anybody. Ava will be debuting with her first series “Gently Broken” in the late 2017


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