Title: Jesse
Series: New York City’s Finest Book 2
Author: Christopher Harlan
Genre: Contemporary Romance


In Jesse, the second of the New York’s Finest series from author Christopher Harlan, Jesse McMann and Haddie O’Neil meet again in the most unlikely of coincidences. After a chance encounter reignites their attraction from last year, their lives quickly become intertwined in ways that neither could have expected when they first met.

Haddie is a woman starting over. After a failed business and a series of poor relationships pushed her from California to New York, she’s now rebuilding her life in Queens. A year after surviving a near fatal encounter, she takes a job working at a shelter for at-risk teens, not realizing the danger she may be putting herself in. Her one regret? Not making something meaningful happen with Jesse when she had the chance.

Enter Detective Jesse McMann: Calem Walter’s former partner, Jesse is dealing with the lingering impacts of PTSD from his experience in the military, while simultaneously doing some of the hardest work of his career. Transferred to the Queens gang unit from Manhattan homicide, he may have encountered a group of criminals more extreme than he is. Can he overcome the ruthless danger posed by the gangs? Will Haddie and Jesse finally come together after events seem positioned to keep them apart?

A Happily Ever After (HEA) contemporary romance series with each book set in a different borough, the New York’s Finest series follows the interconnected lives and loves of five NYPD officers. The events of book 2 take place in Queens. Book 3, Quinn, will be set in Brooklyn.

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Author Info
The love of a good story was instilled in me at an early age, from the time that such stories could be read to me as I lay in bed. Now, many years later, I get the rare opportunity to tell some of those stories to those willing to listen. I have no accolades to list here; no resume to transcribe; only the sincerest of thanks that you’re reading these words now. To get the stories and characters that live in my head out on paper is a gift, and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write.

Enjoy the stories…

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