Title: MFM 
Author: Lauren Bliss 
Genre: Menage Romance 

Two’s Company. Three’s Incredible.

Everything changed the moment I met them.
It was only supposed to be one night: a place to crash, after a fight with my best friend.
But one night wasn’t enough.
In fact, I don’t think I could ever get my fill of them.
They’re best friends, who grew up together like brothers.
Mason and Maxwell. 
Rich, mysterious, and totally into me.
I can’t decide which one I like more.
And maybe I don’t have to …

MFM is a smoking hot, standalone MFM menage romance about a shy, innocent girl called Fawn and the two alpha bad boys who open her up to a whole new world of experiences. No cliffhangers. No M/M scenes. HEA guaranteed!

       Looking for a sexy Ménage Romance? Look no further! Lauren Bliss has got what you need.  MFM is the debut book by Lauren Bliss. Lauren Bliss is an author to watch out for. MFM is a captivating and seductive read. Lauren Bliss’ new release is a Must Read!

      Fawn is a sweet and innocent girl. She cares about others and is kind to her friend. Fawn has just arrived in town and staying with her best friend. Expecting to settle in and spend a quiet night at home, Lisa convinces Fawn to go out to a club. While at the Sky Lounge, she meets two sexy and mysterious men. The men spend the night flirting with Fawn. Later Lisa storms out of the men’s apartment when she doesn’t get enough attention. The men ask Fawn to stay for awhile, so they all can get to know each other. 

       Mason and Maxwell are best friends and owners of the Sky Lounge. They are used to women throwing themselves at them. Mason and Maxwell can tell that Fawn is different than other women. Mason is a sexy charmer. Maxwell is the attractive, strong silent type. Max only speaks when he has something important to say. Maxwell does reach out to Fawn and communicate with her both verbally and physically.The men are there for Fawn, when she needs them the most.

        The strong silent type and the sexy charmer is the best of both worlds. With these two men, a girl can’t go wrong! Halfway through I thought I knew or had predicted what would happen next, but Lauren surprised me. There was a time in the book that I wanted to say / shout at Fawn. I would say; “You can do it”, “Go back there”, “You go girl” or all three. I loved Fawn, Maxwell and Mason together and the characters. The chemistry between them is sizzling hot. I adore that Maxwell and Mason are patient with Fawn and want to get to know her first. The male characters in MFM are freshing and extraordinary in my opinion. I think that everyone should read this amazing book by Lauren Bliss. I can’t wait to read future books by Lauren. I hope they come very soon.  

Overall Story – 4 1/2 Stars
Chemistry – 5 Stars
Menage – Yes (MFM)
Cliffhanger – No
HEA – Yes
Recommend to Others – Yes


Lauren Bliss is hooked. Hooked on the bad boys you know you should stay away from but just can’t get enough of. And she can’t wait to share her raunchy imagination with you.

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