Hired by [Owen, Eve]
Russian Mafia Romance
Eve Owen (Author)


Job description : billionaire’s wife

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have money and live in luxury, right?

Sure, there are things no one would or should do to get where they want in life. 

No one’s talking about being immoral here.

But if all the costs are your own. If all the sacrifices you make affect no one else at all? Well, what’s to stop you from saying that the price is worth paying. Who else but your own on conscience gets to judge whether you are stained or not?

If you don’t take the chance then how is there any way of knowing it was wrong to turn it down?

Then again, marriage to a Russian billionaire for the sake of easy living is one thing – and it helps that he’s hot – but when he says he shares everything with his twin brother and that includes his women, what are you supposed to think then?

Maybe I should know better, but the idea of bedding them both is strangely appealing. Whatever I choose, at least I know there’s nothing really dangerous involved. I mean, it’s not as if they’re Russian mafia and there’s going to be bullets flying over our heads.

The only problem are all the rumors… 

Those are just nasty stories aimed at muddying his name, right?

What could go wrong?


Author’s Note : This novel is filled with exitement and will glue you to the pages. True HEA story. No Cliff-hanger. Standalone. Contains explicit scenes for adults only.


         Hired is an action, suspense & romance filled story. Yes there is romance. The author didn’t forget to give the reader many sultry sex scenes. Hired does have a little bit of instalove with off the charts chemistry between the characters. 

         Susan is a waitress and is looking for something better. She goes on a job interview. Susan doesn’t realize that it is actually an interview to be a Russian Billionaire’s wife. She is smart, driven & determined. Susan learns what she will do for a chance at love.

         Stan and Abhram are Russian Billionaire brothers. Stan is looking for an American wife. Stan is doing this to help his image with his business. Stan is a strong and determined alpha male. He is sexy as hell. Stan loves to share women and now Susan with his brother Abhram. The brothers look a lot alike, but have different personalities. Abhram is more relaxed than his brother Stan. He can be more playful with Susan and often makes her laugh. Stan is more bossy and domineering. He does show some signs of jealousy. 

          I loved the witty banter the characters had throughout the story. I enjoyed that it was a unique & interesting storyline. I appreciate that the reader is allowed to see the brothers’ different personalities, styles & get to know them. Hired is a story with menage, Russian Mafia and romance. I recommend this story. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Overall Story – 4 Stars
Chemistry – 41/2 Stars
POVs – Alternating POV (each chapter Stan & Susan)
Cliffhanger – N0
Alpha Male – Yes
Menage – Yes (MFM)
Recommend to Others – Yes  

Hired by [Owen, Eve]

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