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The Devil’s Host MC: The Complete Series 
by Shari Slade 
Publication date: February 12th 2017 
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

💀 Synopsis 💀 

Meet the dangerous enforcer of The Devil’s Host MC in this complete bundle!

When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy’s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift—covered in tattoos and looking at me like I’m on the menu—I should flip the open sign to closed. 

But I don’t. 

I’m too used to doing what I’ve been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn’t stop him anyway. He’s here to collect a debt. And I’m the only one left to pay.


I can’t process all of him at once. He’s that big. He is scruff and muscle and a white T-shirt tucked into dusty jeans. He looks weathered and road weary, like most of Jimmy’s clientele, but…more. Everything about him is intense. His knife-blade cheekbones. His heavy brows.

His blue eyes flash icy heat, and some animal instinct tells me this man isn’t looking for sass, that if he finds it, he might do something about it, something I won’t like at all.

He’s made himself comfortable in the booth with his leather jacket tossed on the opposite side along with a sleek black helmet. I’m pretty sure there’s a motorcycle parked out front now to match his accessories. If only I’d heard the rev of an engine and the spray of gravel, but I was too busy humming and watching the clock. A warning would’ve been nice. I might have locked the door a few minutes early, even if it did mean Jimmy would dock my pay.

No. I wouldn’t have locked a customer out. But I’d have braced myself better.

His hands are massive and flat on the tabletop. Tattoos crisscross his blunt knuckles, the ink broken by spidery scars. It takes my brain precious seconds to decipher the blue-black loops and whirls as letters.

It’s like he’s put them there for inspection. But not the “clean enough for supper, ma’am?” kind of inspection, the “how much damage do you think these can do?” kind.

A lot of damage. That’s the answer. A lot. Those are knuckles that have been through walls and windows. Flesh and bone.

I want to say we’re closed, but Jimmy’d can my ass for turning away a paying customer. I want to run back to the kitchen and get Harry to tell him to take his business elsewhere, but Harry isn’t any match for this man. And I’m frozen in place anyway. I can’t peel my eyes away from his hands.

I stare harder, and it hits me that the letters over his knuckles form words.

Lost. Soul.

Some fear inside me eases, because that’s almost romantic. Lost souls and lone wolves. Desperadoes. If he were really terrible, he wouldn’t have to advertise. The truly dangerous men blend in.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” he says.

I try for caustic, but the words slip out as half whispers. “Not when I don’t have anything to say.”

He laughs again, only softer this time. More smug. “I can respect that.”

Him respecting anything about me seems like the most ridiculous thing yet. Even sillier than me standing here for long minutes without taking his order. My gaze drifts up his colorful forearms, across his chest, and over the hard pecs I can make out through thin cotton. His neck, corded with muscle and more ink, flexes under my scrutiny.

Everything about him is hard, except for his mouth.

His lips look soft. And pinker than they should be. A sensual mouth, curled into a smile that says I know everything you’re thinking, and yeah you’re exactly right. A smile that says test me, please. A smile that says I’m hungry and you look like cake.

Fuck me. I want to be cake.


     I adored all of the books is this scorching hot and dark series. Star and Noah have intense chemistry together. Noah is a bad boy biker. He is also a dirty talking, alpha male. Star is a waitress in a diner that is just trying to get by everyday. After reading Ride Me Hard Book 1, I became a fan of Shari Slade. I have added my review for Book 1 and Book 4. I highly recommend the whole series, The Devil Host MC. 

Ride Me Hard is 4 1/2 Hot MC Riding Stars!!

     Star is a waitress at Jimmy’s Diner. Star doesn’t really like her job and dislikes the pay and tips. She is barely making ends meet and has to keep her job at all cost. Star is often bothered by customers. She has a run in with the local police officer, Officer Wade. Officer Wade feels that he can touch Star inappropriately, instead of escorting her home. Star is used to doing as she is told to survive. She is not happy with her life, but unsure how to change it.

     Noah is a member of the Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. His role is as an enforcer. Noah collects debts. He makes people pay one way or another, but people will pay. Noah goes to the diner looking to collect on a debt or get answers. Unfortunately for Star, she is the only left to answer and/or pay the debt. Noah is an intimidating, tattooed biker. He is a dirty talking bad boy. 

     Ride Me Hard is the first book in the The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. This book start off quick and dirty, which I loved. It centers around a motorcycle club and biker. He is definitely an alpha male. Noah loves to be bossy, but can be a sweet talker when he wants to. Star and Noah are attracted to each other. These two are scorching hot together. Yum! 

     This is my first book by Shari Slade, and it will not be my last one. I highly recommend Ride Me Hard. If you like a dirty talking alpha male or love MC books, than this is a book that you should read. 

Overall Story = 4 1/2 Stars

Hotness / Chemistry= 5 Stars
Alpha Male / Bad Boy = Yes
Cliffhanger = Yes
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!

  Hold Me Down is the fourth and final book in this incredible series. This series and the author has kept me engrossed in Noah and Star’s lives. She has made me care for and fall for a he-man/caveman. I am not complaining, just stating the facts. Also I was rooting for the heroine to stand up for herself and not let anyone beat her down anymore. 

     Noah is used to a life filled with the motorcycle club, guns and violence. Noah takes what he wants in life, whether it is money, guns, women, etc. His role in the club is an enforcer. Noah has to fight to find his sister and get her back safe. He is a dirty talking alpha male. Noah does show his softer side to Star. 

    Star has always had to struggle to survive or to get by. She is also used to running, if things got too tough. Star was able to hide or escape into herself (mind), when she needed to. Star must decide if she is going to stand up and fight for / with Noah & his sister. Is she strong enough to stay, or will she run? Star is a feisty woman, who is coming into her own person (right before the reader’s eye).      

    Favorite Quote:  Cherished. Loved. “You love me. Together we can do anything.”

    I adore that these two flawed human beings are able to find that one person that helps them find their own sense of peace and love. They find that person who understands and accepts them warts and all. Yes this is a gritty and erotic story, but in my opinion there is so much more there. There is a story about love, loyalty and family (whether by blood or not). 

   If you have loved the previous books in series, you will be pleased with and enjoy the conclusion to Star and Noah’s story. I volunteered to receive an arc copy. This is my unbiased review. I chose to purchase Hold Me Down, because I adore the book. 

Overall Story = 5 stars
Chemistry / Hotness = 5 stars
HEA = Yes
Cliffhanger = No
Alpha Male / Bad Boy = Yes
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!


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💀Author Info💀

Shari Slade is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy new adult, biker, and rock star romance. A would-be academic with big dreams and very little means. When she isn’t toiling away in the non-profit sector, she’s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love (or lust). Somehow, it all works out in the end. If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.

Frequently found in a blanket fort, you can also find her on facebook and twitter.                 




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