Always Us by CC Monroe
Always and Forever Series Book #2
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We almost made it.
Our feet nearly cemented to a solid foundation.
Until we weren’t stable anymore.
Shayla Donovan broke through and into Trey Adams’s heart, healing it piece by broken piece.
And just when happiness was finally going to come their way, Trey loses half of his heart for the second time in his life. Will Shayla be able to push forward and open herself up to trusting the people in Trey’s life who once destroyed him or will she succumb to the darkness of her own secrets and pain?
On the eve of completely letting go of his past with his mother, Trey Adams’s future and past collide, resulting in a downward spiral of loss, new beginnings, and dangerously close family ties. Will he be able to choose the road that leads to his true happiness?
Is the real love Trey and Shayla found strong enough to overcome everything?

*This novel contains mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, please refrain from reading if these things offend you. This story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Hot, sensitive, alpha male, with an HEA.

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Author C.C Monroe has done it again!! The love and emotion that Miss Monroe puts into these characters is beyond all words. I feel like they could easily be my next door neighbors. I love the reality of this book. The raw human emotion was so much my heart could barely hold it. Every tear, every laugh, every beautiful moment shared between these 4 friends is absolutely real. in ways that I never thought possible. She hits the nail on the head of several real life situations and this story has helped me cope I will always One-click and pre-order any and every book released by this literary genius. -LaShelle Cook

Trey and Shayla’s first book Always The One!
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