Under Construction: A Blue Collar Alpha Romance by [Cole, Aria ]

Under Construction: A Blue Collar Alpha Romance

by Aria Cole

      Stone Garrett is a dirty talking, alpha male. He is a construction worker, who gets under his neighbor’s skin. Stone is very arrogant, smoking hot and is good with his hands. His nightly activities are putting him on the naughty list with his neighbor. 

      Paige is a smart and sassy woman. She is not happy that her new neighbor is getting her from getting a good night’s sleep. Paige is so mad that she decides to have a word with him, no matter how attractive he is.   

      Stone and Paige are attracted to each other. Stone decides to make Paige his. Paige fights the attraction / pull between them a little bit longer. Once she gives in, Stone shows Paige how great they can be together. Yum!! 
      Under Construction is a sultry and engrossing read. I laughed often while reading Stone and Paige’s story. I loved the chemistry between Stone and Paige. ‘Wink’ I hope that there will be more in store (another book) with Stone and Paige. I would like to know what happens next for them. This story contains a romance, likeable characters, humor, sizzling sex scenes, a blue collar alpha male, feisty heroine, interesting storyline & a happily ever after. The story is told in alternating POV. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend it to others. If you are looking for a steamy, quick read with interesting characters, then you should check out Under Construction. 

Overall Story = 5 Stars!
Chemistry / Hotness = 5 Scorching Stars!
POV = Alternating POVs
Cliffhanger = No
Alpha Male = Yes! Yum
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!

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When Paige Brennan moves into her new apartment she doesn’t expect it to come with the neighbor from hell. His late night antics keep her up all hours, with every knock and bang made worse by their shared bedroom wall. When Paige finally bumps into the noisy night owl, she’s determined to give him a piece of her mind, even if his broad shoulders and rogue grin leave her hot under the collar.

Stone Garrett is obsessed by the beauty next door, her smart mouth and dangerous curves driving him to distraction. She’s way out of his league but he’s hellbent on proving he can be everything she needs and more. Passions boil over after another late night exchange ends with Stone’s hand down his pretty new neighbor’s impossibly short sleep shorts. But does love exist beyond their shared bedroom wall? Or are they destined to only be an unforgettable one-night stand?

Warning: Heavy duty pickup trucks, chiseled, sun-kissed abs, and dusty jeans that hang just perfectly off the hips…Under Construction is a panty-melting ride through a sexy construction zone. 100% SAFE, sugary-sweet double epilogues, and a chuckle or two along the way… You’ll never look at a man in a hard hat the same again! Enjoy! xo


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