The Vikings' Thrall by [Sinclair, Ava]

The Vikings’ Thrall

Ava Sinclair (Author)

       Morgan is a young woman, who dreams that life could have been different for her. It is a time when life with daily struggle for most people.  While out on her small boat, Morgan spots a Viking ship.  She rushes home to warn her sister. Knowing that Morgan’s father and brother-in-law are not a home, Morgan feels that she must protect her sister and sister’s small child.  She kills the son of an earl with a sword in self defense (to save herself and her sister from being raped and killed). Unfortunately, Morgan is taken as a captive and becomes a thrall for this act. 

       Bjorn and Erik are the warriors that take Morgan back to their lands and the earl. They have different customs than Morgan is used to like; sharing/menage and spanking/discipline. Bjorn and Erik find Morgan very attractive. They like her spunk and courage, but know that she needs to learn her place within her home/land. Bjorn and Erik are very dominant males, but do have soft sides to them. They felt that it was their job and duty to protect and keep Morgan safe. The men have experienced love and loss on in their own ways. Feelings start to grow between the Bjorn, Morgan & Erik, but they know that they are not able to freely be together. There are also enemies all around. The men and Morgan have to be careful of those who are jealous of what they have. Will they ever be truly happily? Will they be free to be together? Are they strong enough to stand up for each other and their relationship?

       The Vikings’ Thrall is an exciting read. If you like historical romance and enjoy menage stories, you will want to read this book. There is suspense and lots of sizzle, as well as spanking. I enjoyed the hot Viking warriors and the sassy, smart herione. There is plenty of action and romance. The enemy or villain was not who I was expecting at first, but I think it was well done. I appreciate that Ava Sinclair allowed the character of Morgan to be strong, sassy and smart, but kept it appropriate for the time period. I also loved that she could be strong for Bjorn & Erik or try to protect them. Loved that.

Overall Story = 4 1/2 Stars
Chemistry = 4 1/2 Stars
Cliffhanger = No
HEA = Yes
Menage = Yes, MFM & MF

Alpha Male(s) = Yes 2 Delicious Ones

Recommend to Other = Yes


After Morgan MacCallum kills the son of an earl in defense of her home during a Viking raid, the Norsemen take her captive. She is claimed as a thrall by Bjorn and Erik, two huge, handsome warriors who leave no doubt that they plan to enjoy her beautiful body in any way they please.
Bjorn and Erik quickly set out to tame their thrall, and a humiliating bare-bottom spanking soon reminds Morgan of her new place in the world. But though it fills her with shame, she cannot help quivering with desire as they strip her bare and teach her what it means to be thoroughly mastered by two dominant warriors.
Before long, Bjorn and Erik find themselves thinking of Morgan as much more than just their thrall, but she is no more than property under Viking law, and keeping her safe in this harsh world will be no small feat. When the powerful daughter of the earl seeks vengeance for her brother’s death, can Morgan count on the men she has grown to love to stand by her side?
Publisher’s Note: The Vikings’ Thrall includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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