Logan & Piper Are Each Other’s Savior! Grabs You From The First Chapter To The Last!

Savior (First to Fight Book 4) by [Blanchard, Nicole]

Savior (First to Fight Book 4)
Nicole Blanchard (Author)
Military Romance
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  Logan & Piper Are Each Other’s Savior! Grabs You From The First Chapter To The Last!

           Savior captivates the reader from the first page to the last. The anticipation builds as you read to find out if Good will triumph over Evil & if Piper will find happiness. Reading Savior will cause you to go through every possible emotion in a short time span, in a good way. I love that Nicole can make me feel everything that the character feels and goes through. She causes you to care for the characters and get invested in the story. Savior has romance, suspense, interesting & intriguing characters, sizzling sex scenes, and love. Not to fear, there is a happily ever after. There were twists and turns that I didn’t expect and won’t have guessed. The hero / male main character is a former marine. Savior is the fourth book in the First to Fight Series. This story can be read as stand alone.

        Piper Sienna Davenport is running / moving constantly after her friend and twin sister were murdered. She was attacked as well, but survived. She testified against her ex-boyfriend and sent him to prison. Piper is still being hounded by a reporter. It seems like every time she gets settled in a new place, the reporter finds Piper again. Piper was able to protect herself and cope the best that she could. Piper is stronger than she knows. When she goes to work at a bed and breakfast, Piper/Sienna meets the local cop Logan. Piper/Sienna is attracted to him, but knows that she needs to keep her distance. 

       Logan Blackstone is an ex-marine and local police officer. He is dealing with his own secrets & past when he mets Piper/Sienna. Logan is not very trusting of anyone who is around/works for his family. He can tell that Piper is running from something and is scared. Logan is attracted to Piper and feels protective of her as time goes on. As a killer starts to target women in town, Logan and the police department must find and stop him before more women die. Logan is a sexy & very bossy alpha male. 

       I love that Logan finally gets his story. I appreciate that I/we get to catch up with all the other characters from the previous books. I loved Savior’s storyline / concept. It is very believable and realistic. The characters have their own secrets and pasts that they don’t want to talk about. They need help to heal. Logan and Piper are stronger together. Can they save each other? I volunteered for this arc book. This is my unbiased review. I loved this story and chose to purchase this book after reading it. I highly recommend this book.

Overall Story= 5 Stars

Chemistry/Hotness = 5 Stars
Alpha Male = Yes
POV = Alternating
HEA = Yes
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!
Cliffhanger = No

💋 Synopsis 💋

I thought I put my past behind me.

I lost everything when I testified against my fiancé for the murders of five women. After the jury delivered a life sentence, I ran. I hoped if I could disappear, maybe the horror he caused would, too.

When I return to Florida for the first time after his conviction, I’m determined to face my fears and get my life back. Then, a woman is murdered and I’m the only one who believes her death features the same signature as those I’m trying so hard to forget.

Instinct tells me to run again, but local cop Logan Blackwell has never let a suspect–or a woman–get away. He’s made it his own personal mission to solve the case and he needs my help to do it.

I have no choice once we learn I’m the next target, but I’m not interested in getting close to another man, especially not a sexy former Marine who has secrets of his own.


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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Nicole Blanchard lives in Mississippi with her family and their menagerie of animals. She chooses each day to chase her own fairy tale even if they contain their fair share of dragons. She is married to her best friend and owns her own business.

Nicole survives on a diet of too many books and substantial amounts of root beer and slim jims. When not reading, she’s lavishing attention on her family or inhaling every episode of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

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Cover Reveal – Taken By The Hitman


Cover Reveal
Title: Taken by the Hitman A Bad Boy Mafia Romance
Author: Alexis Abbott
Release Date: December 4, 2016

Out of the darkest evil will come the strongest love. The Bratva is changing, but whenever there’s change, there’s resistance. I have to prove I’m one of them or else I’m dead. I wasn’t prepared for what they wanted. They gave me a young and beautiful woman, to defile and break. With a gun to my head, it’s not like I have a choice. I’ve never met a woman like her. Damaged, just like me, but with a clever mind that she knows is a dangerous weapon, and curves for days. Every second I spend with her, it becomes less about business, less about the darkness I’m trying to leave behind, and more her. About us, against the world. We’re going to rise above the shadows the Bratva have cast on us. They made a dangerous mistake. They bound her to me in a way that those monsters could never comprehend. She has a part of my soul now, and I have a part of hers. Soulmates, in a way. I’m a bad man, but I’m going to do right by her. I’m going to prove to her that even in the darkness, there’s always something worth fighting for. I’ll kill them all for her. When it’s all over, and she doesn’t need me for revenge anymore, we won’t be able to walk away from our love. She’s been taken by the hitman, and I won’t let her go. A full length Standalone Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers. Safe from cheating. Dark romance. Explicit language & swearing.  

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Noah Takes Star For A Wild Ride!

Ride Me Hard: A Biker Romance Serial (The Devil's Host Motorcycle Club Book 1) by [Slade, Shari]

Ride Me Hard: A Biker Romance Serial (The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Shari Slade (Author)

4 1/2 Hot MC Riding Stars!!

     Star is a waitress at Jimmy’s Diner. Star doesn’t really like her job and dislikes the pay and tips. She is barely making ends meet and has to keep her job at all cost. Star is often bothered by customers. She has a run in with the local police officer, Officer Wade. Officer Wade feels that he can touch Star inapprociately, instead of escorting her home. Star is used to doing as she is told to survive. She is not happy with her life, but unsure how to change it.

     Noah is a member of the Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. His role is as an enforcer. Noah collects debts. He makes people pay one way or another, but people will pay. Noah goes to the diner looking to collect on a debt or get answers. Unfortunately for Star, she is the only left to answer and/or pay the debt. Noah is an intimadating, tattooed biker. He is a dirty talking bad boy. 

     Ride Me Hard is the first book in the The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. This book start off quick and dirty, which I loved. It centers around a motorcycle club and biker. He is definitely an alpha male. Noah loves to be bossy, but can be a sweet talker when he wants to. Star and Noah are attracted to each other. These two are scorching hot together. Yum! 

     This is my first book by Shari Slade, and it will not be my last one. I highly recommend Ride Me Hard. If you like a dirty talking alpha male or love MC books, than this is a book that you should read. 

Overall Story = 4 1/2 Stars
Hotness / Chemistry= 5 Stars
Alpha Male / Bad Boy = Yes
Cliffhanger = Yes
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!


2 Billionaire Friends, McKenzie & Mistletoe

Three under the Mistletoe: A Billionaire Christmas Menage Romance by [Siren, Tia]

Three Under The Mistletoe: A Billionaire Christmas Menage Romance

Tia Siren (Author)

         Three Under The Mistletoe is a story about two friends and a young woman. This story has love, a steamy menage, sexy billionaires, intriguing characters, mistletoe and a happily ever after. There are also interesting secondary characters that I hope will have their own stories written soon. Three Under The Mistletoe is told / written in alternating POV’s. 

      McKenzie Wallace is a new employee to KPS. She likes to be called Mac. Mac is a computer scientist or coder. She is from a small town and is not used to the attention from the men. Mac is shy and nerdy. She is smart and discovers that she has a spunky / feisty side. Mac is a gothic looking woman, who is flattered by the attention she receives at the office. Mac’s friend, Keisha gives her support, advice and insight into the bosses and their habits/interests.   

      Christopher Kinsey is a sexy Billionaire and one of the CEO’s of KPS. He is considered a player / playboy. Christopher is always looking for the next challenge when it comes to women. He loves the chase or game. The new female employees are usually the target of his short lived attention. Christopher is the public face of the company. He feels that it is his duty to loosen Patrick up. Christopher does have a soft side and a reason for his behavior. He wants to live like it is his last so to speak / no regrets, but someone may get hurt like himself. Christopher’s motto is that you only live once. Christopher wants no commitments when it comes to relationships, but women flock to him. 

      Patrick is a quiet Billionaire and the other CEO of KPS. Patrick is the brains behind the company. He is a shy, nerdy guy.  He is a workaholic. Patrick is not good in public or with girls. Patrick needs Christopher’s help with women. They like to “party” together with a woman. Patrick knows that the women will always choose Christopher over him. Patrick and Christopher have been friends for years. Patrick knows why Christopher is the way he is, but won’t reveal the reason to anyone. He wants to keep Christopher involved and part of the company no matter what anyone says. Patrick will not push Christopher out. 

     After spending time with both Christopher and Patrick, McKenzie gets to know and care for them, but Mac must decide between the two men. Patrick has strong feelings for Mac, but believes that she will not choose him. Mac discoveries that she is strong than she thought. Mac also learned that there is more to her than she ever thought. As the story progresses, Christopher, Patrick and McKenzie all learn a lot about themselves, grow and develop. 

      This is a short story, but the author allowed the reader to see / get an insight into the background of the characters. For one, Christopher was a character that I loved getting to know why was the way he was. I enjoyed that McKenzie came into her own by the end and was feisty. I happily volunteer to read this arc book. This is my honest and unbiased review. 

Overall Story = 4 Stars
Hotness / Chemistry = 4 1/2 Stars
Menage = Yes
Recommend to Others = Yes
Cliffhanger = No

Sexy, Charming Heir & Smart, Feisty Beauty Make A Intriguing Read!

Retaliation: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (Secrets & Lies Book 2) by [Landish, Lauren]

Retaliation: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

Lauren Landish (Author)

Retaliation is Andrea’s story. This is the next book in the series. Retaliation can be read as a standalone. Many of the characters from the previous story, Revenge, are in this book as well.

Andrea helped her half-brother Jackson and Katrina take down her father. They along with a few others were able to get Peter DeLaCoeur sent to prison. Peter is released on a technicality and is ready for retaliation. Everyone takes off or goes in different directions to hide from Peter. Andrea tries to move on with her life in New Orleans and finish school. Andrea has to be very careful about any contact that she has with the others, because Peter has sent men after her (as well as the others). Andrea discovers that she has a half-sister named Melissa. Melissa encouraged her adopted brother Carson to locate Andrea. When they meet, Carson and Andrea are very attracted to each other. Should they give in to their desire when Carson is the adopted brother of Andrea’s half-sister? Will they be able to resist the temptation? Carson and Andrea have very hot chemistry together. Carson feels very protective of Andrea. Carson has to decide if Andrea can handle his desires.

Carson and Andrea are great together. I love a dirty talking alpha male / hero. There are definitely some steamy scenes with Carson and Andrea. Yum! I like that characters from Revenge (Jackson, Katrina & Nathan) were in this story as well. I am excited for Nathan’s story. Retaliation has some violence, action, romance, a sexy hero and a smart feisty heroine. There was lots of suspense & many twist and turns. In other words, this book contains a generous amount of secrets and lies (like the title states), but don’t fear there is a happily ever after.
I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Overall = 4 1/2 Stars!
Cliffhanger = No
HEA = Yes
Recommend to Others = Yes
Chemistry = 4 1/2 Stars!