TRIPLE PRINCES: An MFMM Menage Romance by [Dee,Cassandra]

Triple Princes

Cassandra Dee (Author)

      Christina “Tina” Sterling is from a noble family. When they are already down on their luck, her father uses their money on “get rich” type schemes. So Tina is forced to go to finishing school in hopes of finding a rich husband to save the family. This does not sit well with Tina, but she doesn’t have any choice or say in the decision. She is a good girl. She enjoys school, reading and charity work. Tina decides to go out the night before she leaves to have some fun. Tina meets twin brothers at a bar. Christina is attracted to the sexy the twins. Things move very quickly between them. She goes out to the parking lot with the brothers. The three become very intimate. Tina does things that she never had before with the men. 

      Karl and Kato Smith are merchant marines. They are on shore leave and looking for some fun, when they meet Christina. The brothers enjoy sharing women and Tina is no exception. Karl and Kato are very attracted to Tina. After their time together, they didn’t exchange information and no way to contact each other. The twins were raised by their mother and know that they have a brother, Crown Prince of St. Venetia. The Prince does not know that he has twin brothers though.

      Tina goes to finishing school and is made into something she has never seen. Tina is waxed, plucked, groomed and dressed up. She is told that she is to be called (go by) Lady Christina from now on. Tina is to attend fancy parties instead reading and/or doing charity work. Tina likes her old name, but she does like how she looks. At a party, she meets the Crown Prince of St. Venetia. She is surprised at how much he looks like Karl and Kato. Prince Kristian notices Lady Christina and is very interested in her. Tina feels the same attraction at she did with Karl and Kato. She continues to think about them. Prince Kristian and Lady Christina spend part of the night talking. She tells him about the charity work and offers to show it to him. They enjoyed themselves and make plans for the next day. 

      Karl and Kato are dirty talking, alpha males. Prince Kristian is an alpha male as well.They are very large, gifted men. Lady Christina is the glue that keeps them together / makes things work. But can they make it work for the long term? Will everyone be happy? I there a happily ever after for them all? You have to read it to find out. This is a menage with brothers where it is centered around a woman. There are many scorching sex scenes where a fan might be needed. I like that Tina was intelligent, independent and care about others, ie charity work, but had a naughty side. This story is does have some things that I didn’t expect or see coming. The characters did have depth / layers to them. This is my first book by Cassandra Dee. I definitely plan to read more by this author. I love a good menage! 

 I was gifted with this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Overall Rating = 4 Menage Stars!
POV = Alternating POV
Chemistry/Hotness = 5 Stars!
Alpha Male / Bad Boy = Yes (3 of them)
HEA = Yes
Cliffhanger = No
Recommend to Others = Yes

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