Taken by Chance: A Bad Boy Ex-Con Dark Romance by [Russo, Ravenna]

Taken By Chance: A Bad Boy Ex-Con Dark Romance

Ravenna Russo (Author)

5 “Power Outage” Star Rating!!! 

     Cassie is working hard to put herself through school and pay her rent. She is a feisty, independent woman. She has tattoos and likes to wear animal print. Cassie doesn’t live in a very good part of town. When there is a power outage, it doesn’t phase Cassie. At night she leaves the window open, Cassie believes that she can take care of herself. She carries around pepper spray. 

     Chance is hiding from the FBI and the mafia and crime boss. He testified against the people that he used to work for. He is trying to blend in and look harmless. Chance is a dangerous man, who has certain tastes. He is an alpha male with a dirty mouth, who likes to dominate.  

     Chance and Cassie have been watching each other, but don’t think that the other person knows or realizes that the other one is there. They image / fantasize what they would like to do / experience with the other person. Both Cassie and Chance have “scars” or things that they are not proud of in their past. As the night progresses, the heat in the apartment and the story-line become red hot and steamy. You will have to read this book to see how it ends. 

     I have a weakness for bad boys, so I jumped right into this book. This book does end in a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see what happens next for Chance and Cassie. I adore both characters. Cassie with her spunky spirit, and Chance with that filthy mouth and mind. Taken By Chance is a quick and sizzling read. After reading this book, I have discovered a new author. I am definitely going to look into Ravenna Russo’s other books. 

Overall Story = 5 Stars!
Hotness / Sexy Level = 5 Stars!
Cliffhanger = Yes 
POV = Alternating (Each Chapter)
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes
Bad Boy / Alpha Male = Yes

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