"Come On Jackson" – Mae & Jackson Find Want They Need!

Ride: A Bad Boy Romance

Roxie Noir (author)

5 Bulling Riding Star Rating!

    Ride is an excellent combination of lovable and interesting characters, unique plot, some scorching hot scenes and a heartwarming romance. This story has what every story needs a dirty talking cowboy and a spitfire good girl. Once again the author has transported the reader into the story. In this case, the reader is in the rodeo scene. Roxie Noir has made it so believable that you feel like you are riding the bull or about to be trampled if you don’t get out of the way. You don’t have to be an expert on rodeos or love to read about cowboys to enjoy Ride, because you are drawn in / captivated from the beginning by the characters’ lives. I laughed, cried, fell in love, and got choked up while reading this story. I believed in and loved Mae and Jackson’s relationship. It started and grew into something wonderful and real. I loved the development of their relationship. I feel that the author made the characters so believable, that you could meet them at the store or on the street. I didn’t want the story to end and leave / let them go. Corny as it sounds, in my opinion it is a sign of a great writer / storyteller. Oh Roxie, what you do to me? Ride checked off every box for me. I loved it. It is a must read.

    Lula Mae Guthrie, a small town girl from Texas, has always been good girl. One night she meets a young man and is almost a very bad. That night reminds Mae what she wants for her future. She didn’t want to be stuck with a dead-end job and a couple of kids while still living in her hometown. So, Mae did anything that she had to in order to get out of her hometown. Mae goes off to college and becomes a photographer in New York. Her future changes when Mae get a call from Sports Weekly. It is her first big assignment and will take photos of the bull riders/cowboys at Pioneer Days Rodeo.

    Jackson Cody is a bull rider/cowboy from Oklahoma. He is famous for his bull riding abilities and womanizing ways. Jackson is a true cowboy through and through. He has the scars to prove it. Jackson is a very cocky. He feels that he is best at bull riding and chasing buckle bunnies. Women rate Jackson on Ride A Rodeo Stud, and he has a 4.7 rating. While preparing for the rodeo, Jackson is told that he is going to be interviewed for Sports Weekly. When Jackson is introduced to the photographer, he remembers Mae from 6 years ago. She is the girl that Jackson could not forget and often see in his dreams. After trying to charm the pants of Mae literally, Jackson is told to behave and leave her alone. He tries to focus on the Pioneer Days Rodeo and prepare to move on to the rodeo in Vegas. Mae is also warned to stay away from Jackson by her coworker, Bruce, for the sake of her job. Jackson and Mae are drawn to and tempted by the other person. 

     Mae and Jackson have a secret affair, so she doesn’t lose her job. It starts as a casual fling. Mae and Jackson each want something more, but don’t know how the other person feels. When these two come together, the sex is extremely hot and combustible. The places and ways that they love each other is very creative. “Wink” Yum. Jackson and Mae were a naughty influence on each other, but sweet influence as well. I loved that they got to know each other through text messages, postcards, video calls, phone calls, holding hands, sending gifts, and time spent together. This element / part of the story allows the reader to become invested in story. Mae and Jackson the perfect fit for the other. Mae knows Jackson’s  past and scars, but she loves him anyway and would never walk away. Jackson believes that Mae is too good for him, but doesn’t mind ruining a kitchen table or embarrassing himself. 

    A few of my favorite quotes were:  

“You are what I need..”
“Your dirty talk could use some work.” 

   I was given this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review. **I enjoyed this book so much, that I promptly went and purchased the book!



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Leon Is Russian Bad Boy One Minute And A "Prince" The Next!

Saved by the Outlaw

Saved By The Outlaw

Alexis Abbott (Author)

       Saved By The Outlaw is riveting book that will keep you engaged all the way through. The action starts from the first pages and doesn’t stop until the last page. It has something for everyone like; romance, suspense/mystery, action, sizzling sex scenes, fascinating characters, corruption, FBI/Police, motorcycle club, bad boy/alpha male, a sassy woman/heroine, and happily ever after. Saved By The Outlaw is a combination of the Russian Mafia and Motorcycle Club.  

       Cherry LaBeau has returned to her hometown after her father’s death. She goes to a warehouse to look into his “accidental” death. She is a reporter / journalist, but Cherry mostly just writes fluff pieces about fashion. While in town, Cherry literally runs into Leon. Cherry and Leon knew each other when they were younger. Cherry is a smart, red head. She is bold and tries to be fearless.

        Leon is the President of the Union Club Motorcycle Club. He and some of the members of the MC are second generation Russians. The Union Club is different in that they have women members. Leon is a bad boy with a past, but he has a tender heart. Leon and the Union Club members help out many of the people in the town. Many people live in poverty or are struggling due to the corruption by the police and high rating officials.

       Whenever there is trouble in town, Cherry and Leon seem to be together. Leon is more of a hands on kind of guy, and Cherry is the brains. They help each other out and save each other literally. Leon did everything he could to protect Cherry, which was very sweet. 

        The chemistry between Leon and Cherry was white hot. In the beginning even though Leon and Cherry did not remember each other (or look familiar), their bodies and hearts remember the other one. Cherry and Leon’s characters completed the other or were a perfect pair (brain and brawn). I feel that way in how that work together to solve the case of her father’s death and the corruption. One of my favorite quotes is “He is both kitten and tiger at once, prince and beast.” I loved this latest book by Alexis Abbott. I adore Cherry and her fearlessness. I love that Leon is a bad boy with a loving heart and that he takes care of his town. I highly recommend this book. It is a must read.

        I was given this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review. This is indeed my unbiased review. 
5 Russian Bad Boy Stars!

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