Darkest Desires (The Club)

Nicole Blanchard (Author)

   Darkest Desires is a novella. It is a fast paced, steamy read. 

    Stella didn’t find success in New York as an actress and moves back home to live with her mother in Texas. The first night back home, Stella’s mother pressures her into going out on a blind date. The date is with a doctor from the hospital where her mother works. Unfortunately, Stella’s date cancels after she is already at the restaurant. This allows her to overhear a conversation that makes Stella think and feel things. She feels that her body burns brighter. A woman from the group gives Stella an invitation to The Club, a private sex club. 

    Mikhail is a hard working doctor and widow that goes out on dates with Stella. He is the kind of man that every mother wants their daughter to marry, especially Stella’s. Mikhail is very attractive. The two hit it off from the beginning. They have good conversations, and then it turns into great chemistry.

    Stella goes to The Club and meets a mystery man. He would not let her see his face. The man introduces Stella to experiences that she never had. She discovers that she likes to be watched. The Club lets Stella give up control and experience her darker desires. The mystery man has her call me Sir, when in the private room. 

    Stella continues to go back to The Club to see the mystery man, as well as date Mikhail. This causes Stella to become conflicted. She does feel like she should choose one or not go back to The Club for the mystery man (master/sir). The Club allows Stella to feel free and embrace her darker desires. How will she choose? Can she choose a part of herself or can she embrace/except her whole self? Can she find a man that will except all of her? Do you do what people expect you to do, or what they want you to do? Or do you do what is best for you and what makes you happy and whole? That is the question! 

    I loved this book. I hope that there is a book in the future with a follow up on Stella and Mikhail. The sultry, sexy mystery man from The Club and the scenes are written so well that a fan is needed. Yum!!  Darkest Desires in my opinion is a deeper book that the story of Stella and Mikhail. It is about excepting all of yourself and your desires/wishes/hopes, etc. in order to be truly free.

    Nicole has done it again. I highly recommend this book. I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.

5 ‘Sir’ Star Rating! 



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