Loaded: A Bad Boy Romance

Roxie Noir (Author)

       Alex is on assignment for the Cartel at a high society wedding. He is suppose to drug and kidnap Tessa, because her father is threatening to talk to the Feds. Alex is a ladies man and is very cocky. Tessa is surprised that a hot guy would approach her and save her from falling on her face. Even though Tessa has been kidnapped by Alex, she doesn’t back down or act scared of him. Tessa is a fighter. After Alex finds out that men have been sent to kill Tessa, he kills them instead. Then Alex and Tessa  go on the run from the Cartel. Alex has feelings for Tessa that he has not had for another woman. After an argument, Alex calls the authorities to report where Tessa can be found. After a while, it is reported that Alex has died. Tessa has moved to another city and is going to therapy. One day Alex reappears in Tessa’s life. These two still have the same chemistry and feelings for each other.

      Alex is a bossy, dirty talking man. His nick name is The Scorpion, and it fits. He cares a lot for Tessa and risks his life for her. Alex may be a bad man in the beginning, but he changes for Tessa. Or maybe there has been a good guy in him all along, but he had to keep it hidden to survive his environment growing up. Tessa was a spit fire with Alex. She was sassy and talked dirty to Alex. I loved the banter between Alex and Tessa. There are many sexy and funny moments between the two characters. The scene where Tessa is changing her clothes in the car was “crazy” good. I loved these two characters together. I love that they made each other stronger and better people (my opinion). The sex scenes were scorching hot! This story has suspense, a hot bad boy and a woman, who loved to tease and go toe to toe with her kidnapper / bad boy.

    I hope that Roxie Noir continues with books that this, because I adore this direction. I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

5 Scorching “Scorpion” Star Rating!

Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!!
Plot = 5 Stars
Bad, Boy / Alpha Male = Yes
Sexy / Hot Level = 5 Stars
POV = Alternating (rotating each chapter)


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