Jack & Sophie = The Power Of True Love Wins!

Survivor (First to Fight Book)

Nicole Blanchard (Author)

       Survivor is the second book in the First to Fight Series, but can be read as stand alone. This is the story of Jack and Sophie. There are appearances by Livvie and Ben from the first book, Warrior. Survivor is written in alternating POVs. The author gives the reader the story through the character’s experiences in the past and the present.

      Jack and Sophie’s story had me on a roller coaster of emotion. I mean that in the best way. I laughed with the characters and cried with them. There were times in the story that I wished that I could reach in and shake Jack and Sophie. I wanted to tell them not to be so stubborn, but I felt for them. When reading about the night of the sexual assault, I felt like my heart was breaking in my chest. I cried for the young girl. Sophie is so strong or tries to be. Sophie wants to protect her loved ones. I felt for Jack also through out this story. He didn’t understand what was going on with Sophie, but still loved and missed her. Being the ex-marine, Jack never really gave up on Sophie. He helped her mother and watched out for / took care of her brothers. Jack is a good guy. When Sophie came home after her mother died, Jack was there and help with his ex-friend.

      I loved the banter that they had with each other. They liked to push each other’s buttons. I adore Sophie’s favorite past time, when it comes to Jack. “Wink” The author made me feel like I was right there in the story with Jack and Sophie. I feel only an exceptional author can write a story with sensitive issues, but the reader still feels positive and happy after reading it. I hope that I am expressing myself correctly. This is not a light hearted book, but in my opinion the message is: good wins over evil, (true) love is possible, the power of love, etc. I loved Warrior, but this is my favorite of Nicole’s books.

     I was given this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Overall Story = 5 Stars!
Hot / Sexy Level = 4 1/2 Stars!
POV = Alternating (each chapter)
Alpha Male / Military Man = Yes and Jack is hot and yummy.
HEA = Yes!
Story with a Message = Yes I believe it does. 
Recommend to Others =  Hell Yes!

Emily And Robert Are An Unlikely Pair Find Happiness & Love!

Hitman’s Kiss – A Mafia Bad Boy Romance

Kate Sands (Author)

         Hitman’s Kiss is full length novel with romance and suspense. There is some violence due to it is centered around the mafia, but there is a happily ever after. This story is told in alternating POVs.    

         Emily is an regular girl who attends college. One night her door is smashed in by two men, and Emily is made to go with them. Robert and Marco are in charge of collecting her for their boss, Don Capelli. The men take Emily to a house / mansion to wait for Mr. Capelli. Robert and Marco have Ace status in Don Capelli’s organization. When Capelli arrives, he gives Emily the creeps. Capelli tells Emily that her father has a lot of gambling debts. Emily learns that she is to work off her father’s debts. Later the men are instructed to bring Emily to The Chamber, a brothel. Robert and Emily are very attracted to each other. Robert wants to protect Emily and keep her safe. He refused to let her go to the brothel. With Marco help, Robert goes on the run with Emily. They go to a safe house used by Marco’s family. Unfortunately, Marco goes out one night and ends up seeing Melissa. She takes him back to her hotel room and poisons him, but not before learning where Emily is at. Luckily Marco is able to make a call to Robert that saves his life. Melissa is a cruel woman. She is just like her adopted father Don Capelli. She is able to shot Emily with a poisonous arrow. Poor Emily is kidnapped once again and taken to The Chamber by Melissa. She does not know if Robert knows where she is, but hopes that he will find her. Robert does not know where Melissa has taken Emily and slowly seems to become depressed/lonely. Robert eventually gets a tip on where Emily is and goes to rescue her. Robert boldly walks into the brothel and finds Emily hiding in a closet. After laying low for a few days, they plan to get as far away for Capelli as possible. Unfortunately there are men waiting for them at the airport, but Robert makes sure that Emily is able to get away. Eventually, Robert decides to go to Emily and check on her.

       Emily and Robert are an unlikely pair / odd couple, but they fall hard for each other. I loved the sexual chemistry between Emily and Robert. Robert was definitely an alpha male, especially in the bedroom (or kitchen, living room or against the door, etc.) Yum. Emily was strong and knew what she wanted in the end. In the beginning, she seem switched back and forth between being weak/skittish and being bold/strong. I would like to know what became of Emily’s father. I liked Marco’s character and hope that there will be a book for him in the future. 

I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.

Plot = 3 1/2 Stars
Bad, Boy / Alpha Male = Yes

Damsel In Distress = Yes
Sexy / Hot Level = 4 Stars
POV = Alternating (rotating each chapter)

Overall Story = 3 3/4 Stars

Nick Finds His Happy Ending With Clay!

Body Heat

Devyn Morgan (Author)

        Nick has gone back home to Colorado. He has not told his family that he is gay. Unfortunately while on a camping and hunting trip with his brother and his brother’s friends, Nick is discovered kissing Clay. Clay is the ski instructor and a “push-against-the-car kind of kissable” guy. Justin, Nick’s brother, and his friends begin to tease him. They make jokes that upset Nick and make him blush. Nick gets stuck overnight in the snow. Nick had given his phone number to Clay. So when Clay discovers that Nick is in need of help, Clay sets out to rescue him.

        Body Heat is a sweet, quick read. I love Clay and Nick. Once the men are reunited there are some very hot scenes. I am glad that they found their happy ending. I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.

4 1/2 Stars!

Sultry Sex Club = A Scorching Read With A Deeper Meaning!

Darkest Desires (The Club)

Nicole Blanchard (Author)

   Darkest Desires is a novella. It is a fast paced, steamy read. 

    Stella didn’t find success in New York as an actress and moves back home to live with her mother in Texas. The first night back home, Stella’s mother pressures her into going out on a blind date. The date is with a doctor from the hospital where her mother works. Unfortunately, Stella’s date cancels after she is already at the restaurant. This allows her to overhear a conversation that makes Stella think and feel things. She feels that her body burns brighter. A woman from the group gives Stella an invitation to The Club, a private sex club. 

    Mikhail is a hard working doctor and widow that goes out on dates with Stella. He is the kind of man that every mother wants their daughter to marry, especially Stella’s. Mikhail is very attractive. The two hit it off from the beginning. They have good conversations, and then it turns into great chemistry.

    Stella goes to The Club and meets a mystery man. He would not let her see his face. The man introduces Stella to experiences that she never had. She discovers that she likes to be watched. The Club lets Stella give up control and experience her darker desires. The mystery man has her call me Sir, when in the private room. 

    Stella continues to go back to The Club to see the mystery man, as well as date Mikhail. This causes Stella to become conflicted. She does feel like she should choose one or not go back to The Club for the mystery man (master/sir). The Club allows Stella to feel free and embrace her darker desires. How will she choose? Can she choose a part of herself or can she embrace/except her whole self? Can she find a man that will except all of her? Do you do what people expect you to do, or what they want you to do? Or do you do what is best for you and what makes you happy and whole? That is the question! 

    I loved this book. I hope that there is a book in the future with a follow up on Stella and Mikhail. The sultry, sexy mystery man from The Club and the scenes are written so well that a fan is needed. Yum!!  Darkest Desires in my opinion is a deeper book that the story of Stella and Mikhail. It is about excepting all of yourself and your desires/wishes/hopes, etc. in order to be truly free.

    Nicole has done it again. I highly recommend this book. I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.

5 ‘Sir’ Star Rating! 



Alex "Scorpion" & Tessa = A Sexy & Sizzling Read!

Loaded: A Bad Boy Romance

Roxie Noir (Author)

       Alex is on assignment for the Cartel at a high society wedding. He is suppose to drug and kidnap Tessa, because her father is threatening to talk to the Feds. Alex is a ladies man and is very cocky. Tessa is surprised that a hot guy would approach her and save her from falling on her face. Even though Tessa has been kidnapped by Alex, she doesn’t back down or act scared of him. Tessa is a fighter. After Alex finds out that men have been sent to kill Tessa, he kills them instead. Then Alex and Tessa  go on the run from the Cartel. Alex has feelings for Tessa that he has not had for another woman. After an argument, Alex calls the authorities to report where Tessa can be found. After a while, it is reported that Alex has died. Tessa has moved to another city and is going to therapy. One day Alex reappears in Tessa’s life. These two still have the same chemistry and feelings for each other.

      Alex is a bossy, dirty talking man. His nick name is The Scorpion, and it fits. He cares a lot for Tessa and risks his life for her. Alex may be a bad man in the beginning, but he changes for Tessa. Or maybe there has been a good guy in him all along, but he had to keep it hidden to survive his environment growing up. Tessa was a spit fire with Alex. She was sassy and talked dirty to Alex. I loved the banter between Alex and Tessa. There are many sexy and funny moments between the two characters. The scene where Tessa is changing her clothes in the car was “crazy” good. I loved these two characters together. I love that they made each other stronger and better people (my opinion). The sex scenes were scorching hot! This story has suspense, a hot bad boy and a woman, who loved to tease and go toe to toe with her kidnapper / bad boy.

    I hope that Roxie Noir continues with books that this, because I adore this direction. I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

5 Scorching “Scorpion” Star Rating!

Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!!
Plot = 5 Stars
Bad, Boy / Alpha Male = Yes
Sexy / Hot Level = 5 Stars
POV = Alternating (rotating each chapter)