Baby, You’re Mine (Yeah, Baby Book 1)

Fiona Davenport (Author)

         Baby, You’re Mine is a hot and steamy read. This story features some of my favorite things an alpha male or two, some very sexy, dirty scenes and love.

        Bailey goes in search of the family that she never knew. One night while at a bar, she meets a man, named Wyatt. He finds Bailey’s voice very sexy. They are attracted to each other and spend the night together. Wyatt wakes up to find that Bailey has run off. Unfortunately, he has no way to find Bailey. Wyatt is invited over to his best friend’s house and meets Jack’s sister. He is surprised to see Bailey. Jack doesn’t take to kindly to Wyatt dating his sister and getting her pregnant. Wyatt isn’t going to let her go, because Bailey is his woman.

4 Alpha Stars Rating!

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