Finding Charity (Romance For All Seasons Book 1)

Jody Pardo (Author)

         Mark Lyon is a wealthy man, who is used to being in charge and having things go his way.  Mark is a very hard man. He does not like beggars. Mark feels that he has worked hard for what he has and never “put his hand out”. Mark feels that beggars and the homeless should get a job. The Santas with their bells asking for donations give him migraines. Mark hates the Christmas. So, people at his office are surprised to see Mark at the company holiday party. While there, Mark meets a woman, Charity, that he very attracted to and leaves with her. Mark and Charity spend a very steamy night together, but he wakes up alone. Mark spots Charity serving food at the church by his home. He helps Charity and meets some of the people there. Charity is a good influence on Mark. She helps him see more than just a beggar, but a human being. When Mark goes looking for Charity, he finds her missing.

       This a story takes place during the Christmas holidays, but the concept or theme could take place anytime without a problem (in my opinion). Finding Charity is a quick and steamy read. It has a heart felt message, romance, HEA and suspense. Jody Pardo is a new author for me. This is the first book that I have read by her, but it will not be the last.

       4 1/2 Steamy Stars!

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