Family Secrets: Volume 1 (The Hauser Family)

Layla Wilcox (Author)

         Jen married her college sweetheart, Mark. After all these years, Jen feels like their sex life is very predictable, like so many marriages. Mark is an accountant and likes order and routines. Jen and Mark have their Saturday “dates”. Jen decides to go to Secrets to help spice up things with Mark. Her trip to the store was uncomfortable for Jen, but she didn’t leave there empty handed. “Pun intended”

        Jen makes another trip to Secrets and meets Blondie, who was opening the store. Jen breaks down and tells Blondie what is troubling her and about her marriage issues. Blondie helps Jen out and shows her some new things. Jen will find out what her husband, Mark, thinks about her makeover and her change.

        Later Jen and Mark got to Secrets together. They leave with basket of goodies. Mark seems to like the change in Jen. He seems to be changing too. Their sex life is definitely predictable anymore. Blondie encourages Jen and Mark To have a party with their friends to help their sex lives.

        This is a very hot and steamy read. It contains the first three books in the series. I was gifted with a book for an honest review. You may need some water and a fan while you read this book. ; )

4 Stars!

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