Family Secrets: Volume 2 (The Hauser Family)

Layla Wilcox (Author)

       The story of Jen and Mark’s marriage continues. Jen and Mark continues to spice up their relationship. Mark discovers a new career and job / business opportunity. They go into business with Blondie and Dirk. The couples start a private club. Jen learns something new about herself when spending time with her friend Alice. Jen also discovers her talent for photography. She specifically has a talent with erotic photography.

      This is Volume 2, which contains book 4 & 5. The story continues where the last one left off in Volume 1. It is a scorching read and hotter than the last one, in my opinion. I was gifted with this book in exchange for an honest review. New opportunities equals a sizzling read!

4 1/2 Star Rating.

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