Sold To The Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance Novel

Alexis Abbott (Author)

       Andrei aka Shadow works as a hitman for the Russian Mafia. He is supposed to be doing his job as security, when he sees an angelic creature being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Andrei instantly knows what he has to do and bids on her (Cassie). 

      Cassie has had a very sheltered life that revolved around home school and church. Her family is very religious. Cassie has been taught to serve her husband and be submissive. 

      Andrei feels very protective of Cassie. She is very naive and innocent. He takes Cassie places that she has never been and shows Cassie things that she has never seen. Cassie experiences many firsts with Andrei, from music to food to sex. Andrei helps Cassie grow and find things that she likes to do. Cassie becomes more independent and discovers who she is or wants to be in life with Andrei’s help. She spreads her wings. 

      Andrei feels that he is not a good enough person for Cassie, but wants to become that person. The more time that Andrei spends with Cassie, the more that he discovers his purpose in life. As Andrei and Cassie spend more time together, they discover each other and love. Andrei also becomes more concerned about protecting his princess. She is afraid of Andrei, but wants to help him. When Cassie learns that Andrei is a hitman and things get tough, she will not left him (or his side). 

       Cassie and Andrei have very tough pasts / upbringings. They make each other a better person, in my opinion. Andrei shows a vast amount of patience, heart and love, even of a hitman. Don’t forget he was hitman with a protective instinct. I love that! Andrei and Cassie enjoy (pardon the pun) some scorching sex. Yum! This story had me running/going through every emotion possible. My family thought I was weird at times. There is suspense, romance, action, and a HEA. This story has alternating POVs as well.
         This is the three book that I have read from Alexis Abbott, and I believe that each book is better that the last one. I received this arc in exchange for an unbiased review. 

5 Hitman Hero Star Rating!

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