Prey (Copper Mesa Eagles Book 2)

Roxie Noir (Author)

     This is a eagle shifter book. With this series, the author has a slightly different storyline / plot. The  men unable to shift into eagles until they find their mate.  Prey is the second story in the series, but can be read as a stand alone.

     Zach is 28 year old, who has some rough times in the past. He has had run in with the law, but has worked hard to move past it. Zachary is what he calls a non traditional college student. He is smart and sexy. While at a job fair at his college, Zach spots an attractive woman working one of the booths. After several attempts to approach the booth, he finally goes and asks about their summer intership opportunity. Zach is getting a degree in structural engineering.

      Katrina works for MutiGen as BioMechanical Engineer. She is working a booth with her boss, which Katrina is not happy about until she meets Zach. They exchange phone numbers and plan to meet later in the week for a date. Katrina’s boss mysteriously mentions that Zach is the one.

      Katrina and Zach’s first date ends with them running from the police and getting a ticket for trespassing. They do share a lot about themselves and of course a kiss. Zach and Katrina have great chemistry. Both Katrina and Zach have a lot in common; in regards to they used to get into trouble as teenagers, but turned their lives around, and they both are very smart.

       This story has suspense, romance, an eagle shifter, some steamy scenes with Zach and Katrina, and a happy ever after. I feel that the characters were written so that I connect with them or relate to them. I was given this book for an unbiased review.

4 Eagle Star Rating!

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