Hot Blooded: A British Bad Boy Romance Novel

Jessica Lake (Author)

       Callum Cross is a British bad boy, who fight in an illegal boxing club. He is used to women throwing themselves at him.  Lily Morgan is an undercover cop looking for who killed a witness. She knows Callum’s type and will out be like the other women. Lily and Callum are instantly attracted to each other. Lily is not going to give into Callum easily, partly because of her trust issues.
       This story has suspense, hot, scorching scenes with Lily and Callum, romance, twist and turns, and a sexy bad boy. Hot Blooded plot is different than other books, in my opinion. The main characters have an age difference. Callum is younger than Lily. I love that she doesn’t fall for him easily. I felt that both Lily and Callum were vulnerable / tender and tough / fighter in their own way. I like that the author allow us to see the different sides of the characters. I was given this book for an unbiased review. I really enjoyed reading Lily and Callum’s story.

4 Fighting Stars!

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