Brick & Paige Are Opposites, But Are Sweet!


Forever Sweet

Magan Vernon (Author)

        Forever Sweet is a story about a male stripper and “princess”. Brick is a hot Vegas stripper. Paige is a Northshore Princess. While on a rooftop in a heated moment, Brick and Paige witness a murder. They are put into the Witness Protection Program. They must portray a married couple. The couple takes on jobs in a bakery. Brick and Paige are complete opposites and must learn to get along. Forever Sweet is an enjoyable read with great chemistry between the characters. This book has the complete series, so that you can read the whole book in one sitting.

3 1/2 Stars!

The Good Girl & The Boss Is a Sexy Read!

Bare Your Soul

Rochelle Paige (Author)

       Bare Your Soul is a sexy, steamy novella. This book starts off with a bang. When Morgan, the owner of a strip club, stop by the club and sees a girl attempting an audition. He allows the girl to do a private audition with him. HOT! Angelica is on her own since her mother died and in need of money for college. After dancing for Morgan, Angelica is offer a job, but it is not at the strip club. Morgan is very bossy and is a total alpha male. He moves Angelica in with him. Morgan tells Angelica to be a good girl and no dirty mouth (language) outside the bedroom. This couple has great chemistry, and there are steamy, sexy scenes. One of my favorite scenes was the audition. It was scorching hot. I highly recommend this book, especially is you like alpha males. I will definitely look for more books by this author.

5 Sizzling Star Rating!

Rough = You’re Mine!


Rough (The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek Book 1)

Emily Minton & Julia Keith (Authors)

        Rough is a shifter book. The story is based around a town of shifters. They are trying to keep their secrets safe. But when a journalist comes around looking for the story, Ethan must do something to protect his town. It is rumored that outsiders are not allowed in the town. As Mayor, Ethan decides to bring in an outsider and decides to marry. Amelia and her sister have grown up in the foster care system. Amelia’s sister is about to age out of the system, and Amelia wants to find a way to care or support both of them. So she fills out an application on line, Amelia is hoping to find a husband in a modern day, Mail Order Bride. In the application, Amelia stated that she wanted to bring her sister with her. When Ethan picks Amelia, either person was sure how they would get along. Ethan and Amelia discovered their strong attraction, desire and chemistry. Ethan realizes that Amelia is the one for him as soon as she gets off the plane. He goes all alpha male and tells her, “You’re Mine.”. Then he wants to “mark her” in the bathroom. This is very hot, quick read. It has insta-love / insta-lust shifters (paranormal), and hot,steamy sex scenes.

4 Shifter Stars Rating!

Wyatt & Bailey’s Story = Aplha Male, Love & A Sexy Read!

Baby, You’re Mine (Yeah, Baby Book 1)

Fiona Davenport (Author)

         Baby, You’re Mine is a hot and steamy read. This story features some of my favorite things an alpha male or two, some very sexy, dirty scenes and love.

        Bailey goes in search of the family that she never knew. One night while at a bar, she meets a man, named Wyatt. He finds Bailey’s voice very sexy. They are attracted to each other and spend the night together. Wyatt wakes up to find that Bailey has run off. Unfortunately, he has no way to find Bailey. Wyatt is invited over to his best friend’s house and meets Jack’s sister. He is surprised to see Bailey. Jack doesn’t take to kindly to Wyatt dating his sister and getting her pregnant. Wyatt isn’t going to let her go, because Bailey is his woman.

4 Alpha Stars Rating!

Steamy, Sweet Read With A Message!

Finding Charity (Romance For All Seasons Book 1)

Jody Pardo (Author)

         Mark Lyon is a wealthy man, who is used to being in charge and having things go his way.  Mark is a very hard man. He does not like beggars. Mark feels that he has worked hard for what he has and never “put his hand out”. Mark feels that beggars and the homeless should get a job. The Santas with their bells asking for donations give him migraines. Mark hates the Christmas. So, people at his office are surprised to see Mark at the company holiday party. While there, Mark meets a woman, Charity, that he very attracted to and leaves with her. Mark and Charity spend a very steamy night together, but he wakes up alone. Mark spots Charity serving food at the church by his home. He helps Charity and meets some of the people there. Charity is a good influence on Mark. She helps him see more than just a beggar, but a human being. When Mark goes looking for Charity, he finds her missing.

       This a story takes place during the Christmas holidays, but the concept or theme could take place anytime without a problem (in my opinion). Finding Charity is a quick and steamy read. It has a heart felt message, romance, HEA and suspense. Jody Pardo is a new author for me. This is the first book that I have read by her, but it will not be the last.

       4 1/2 Steamy Stars!

New Opportunities = A Sizzling Read!

Family Secrets: Volume 2 (The Hauser Family)

Layla Wilcox (Author)

       The story of Jen and Mark’s marriage continues. Jen and Mark continues to spice up their relationship. Mark discovers a new career and job / business opportunity. They go into business with Blondie and Dirk. The couples start a private club. Jen learns something new about herself when spending time with her friend Alice. Jen also discovers her talent for photography. She specifically has a talent with erotic photography.

      This is Volume 2, which contains book 4 & 5. The story continues where the last one left off in Volume 1. It is a scorching read and hotter than the last one, in my opinion. I was gifted with this book in exchange for an honest review. New opportunities equals a sizzling read!

4 1/2 Star Rating.

The Discovery of Jen!

Family Secrets: Volume 1 (The Hauser Family)

Layla Wilcox (Author)

         Jen married her college sweetheart, Mark. After all these years, Jen feels like their sex life is very predictable, like so many marriages. Mark is an accountant and likes order and routines. Jen and Mark have their Saturday “dates”. Jen decides to go to Secrets to help spice up things with Mark. Her trip to the store was uncomfortable for Jen, but she didn’t leave there empty handed. “Pun intended”

        Jen makes another trip to Secrets and meets Blondie, who was opening the store. Jen breaks down and tells Blondie what is troubling her and about her marriage issues. Blondie helps Jen out and shows her some new things. Jen will find out what her husband, Mark, thinks about her makeover and her change.

        Later Jen and Mark got to Secrets together. They leave with basket of goodies. Mark seems to like the change in Jen. He seems to be changing too. Their sex life is definitely predictable anymore. Blondie encourages Jen and Mark To have a party with their friends to help their sex lives.

        This is a very hot and steamy read. It contains the first three books in the series. I was gifted with a book for an honest review. You may need some water and a fan while you read this book. ; )

4 Stars!

The Hitman Turned "Hero" And His Angelic, Princess!

Sold To The Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance Novel

Alexis Abbott (Author)

       Andrei aka Shadow works as a hitman for the Russian Mafia. He is supposed to be doing his job as security, when he sees an angelic creature being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Andrei instantly knows what he has to do and bids on her (Cassie). 

      Cassie has had a very sheltered life that revolved around home school and church. Her family is very religious. Cassie has been taught to serve her husband and be submissive. 

      Andrei feels very protective of Cassie. She is very naive and innocent. He takes Cassie places that she has never been and shows Cassie things that she has never seen. Cassie experiences many firsts with Andrei, from music to food to sex. Andrei helps Cassie grow and find things that she likes to do. Cassie becomes more independent and discovers who she is or wants to be in life with Andrei’s help. She spreads her wings. 

      Andrei feels that he is not a good enough person for Cassie, but wants to become that person. The more time that Andrei spends with Cassie, the more that he discovers his purpose in life. As Andrei and Cassie spend more time together, they discover each other and love. Andrei also becomes more concerned about protecting his princess. She is afraid of Andrei, but wants to help him. When Cassie learns that Andrei is a hitman and things get tough, she will not left him (or his side). 

       Cassie and Andrei have very tough pasts / upbringings. They make each other a better person, in my opinion. Andrei shows a vast amount of patience, heart and love, even of a hitman. Don’t forget he was hitman with a protective instinct. I love that! Andrei and Cassie enjoy (pardon the pun) some scorching sex. Yum! This story had me running/going through every emotion possible. My family thought I was weird at times. There is suspense, romance, action, and a HEA. This story has alternating POVs as well.
         This is the three book that I have read from Alexis Abbott, and I believe that each book is better that the last one. I received this arc in exchange for an unbiased review. 

5 Hitman Hero Star Rating!

Willow & Teddy Are A "Hot" Match!

Willow (Flower Child Book 2)
Moxie Darling (Author)

4 1/2 Sexy Stars!

     Willow is the second book in the Flower Child series. This book can be read as a stand alone. There is a follow up or insight on Clover and her men, Eustace and Jim.

     Willow Spencer decides to go to West Virginia to visit her friend, Clover, after receives a letter from her. Clover has been living in the backwoods and asked Willow to come there. Willow will be working as a nanny for a widow with three children. She is a hippy / wild child with a free love attitude. Willow is instantly attracted to Teddy.

    Teddy is still reeling from the death of his wife and not sure how to interact with Willow or his children. Teddy doesn’t really talk and is very standoffish to Willow. She tries to get his attention without much success, until she looks to another for some sexual attention. Teddy doesn’t like that very much, and things change between them after that.

    Willow is a woman who just wants to be loved for who she is. Teddy is a man who is not sure how to move on with his life. These two help each other grow and change in positive ways. They both discover the other person’s sensitive side and vulnerability. Teddy and Willow each had fears and doubts, but they accepted the other for who they were (flaws and all).

    This story still has the extremely, steamy sexual scenes and expletive language like the previous book, but it is so much more. This is a more complete story, in my opinion. This book has romance with a happily ever after. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I loved Willow and Teddy together. I loved that you got to know and understand the characters more. I loved “The Band-Aids” and “A Well-Read Book” concept or analysis. I have many favorite quotes, too many to list. One of my favorite quotes is:
“You kiss me like you’re on fire.” “Because you make me burn.”

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest and unbiased review.**

Bad Boy & The Cop Make A Hot Couple!

Hot Blooded: A British Bad Boy Romance Novel

Jessica Lake (Author)

       Callum Cross is a British bad boy, who fight in an illegal boxing club. He is used to women throwing themselves at him.  Lily Morgan is an undercover cop looking for who killed a witness. She knows Callum’s type and will out be like the other women. Lily and Callum are instantly attracted to each other. Lily is not going to give into Callum easily, partly because of her trust issues.
       This story has suspense, hot, scorching scenes with Lily and Callum, romance, twist and turns, and a sexy bad boy. Hot Blooded plot is different than other books, in my opinion. The main characters have an age difference. Callum is younger than Lily. I love that she doesn’t fall for him easily. I felt that both Lily and Callum were vulnerable / tender and tough / fighter in their own way. I like that the author allow us to see the different sides of the characters. I was given this book for an unbiased review. I really enjoyed reading Lily and Callum’s story.

4 Fighting Stars!