Hawk (BBW and Biker Romance Short)

Mona Bliss (Author)

4 Hot Biker Stars! 

      Angela is the typical “good girl” that lives next to the notorious Sons of the Phoenix biker gang clubhouse. She is works long shifts at the hospital and tired of all the noise next door. Angela has been raised to be proper and well  behaved. 

      Hawk is the leader of Sons of the Phoenix. One night the club throws a birthday party for Hawk. The bikers get very loud and rowdy. When they leave on their bikes, they disturb Angela’s sleep.

      Angela reaches her limit and decides that she has had enough. Angela marches over to give Hawk a piece of her mind. Hawk is surprised to see Angela at his door. He thinks she is sexy and loves her feistiness. Both of them have watched or noticed the other from afar. Angela doesn’t think that Hawk would be attracted to her. 

      The chemistry between Angela and Hawk is very hot. This is a quick, sexy read. I recommend this book to anyone who loves bad, boys or bikers. 

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