Guardian by Mona Bliss

Guardian: A BBW and Biker Romance Short

Mona Bliss (Author)

4 Sizzling Stars!

     Clara owns a small bookstore that keeps getting robbed. She asks Brock, a biker with the Inferno Riders, to help her out. Brock and Clara find themselves drawn to each other.
     This is a quick, sexy read. I would like to know what happens for these two next. Overall I enjoy this story, and everyone can use a sexy guardian.

Alpha Male = Yes
Bad Boy Biker = Yes
Damsel In Distress = Yes
Sexy / Hotness = 5 Stars
Short Story = Yes
Plot = 4 Stars
Overall Story = 4 Stars
Pros = Steamy read with slightly different take (Plot) than I have read before, Great chemistry between the characters
Cons = Call me crazy, but the characters got freaky way too soon, I wish the story was longer 

Now that I have discovered this author, I will definitely read more of her books!!

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