Call Me Killer: A Bad Boy Romance

Linda Barlow (author)

4 Stars!

         Griff is a bad boy who seem to have everything going for him. Everything changes when the girl Griff is seeing disappears, and everyone believes that he murdered her. One rainy night while at a gas station, Griff gives a ride to a girl in need. Rory is trying to get away from a man with a gun and a shovel. Griff lets her stay the night at his place.

         Rory is an MIT student and a computer hacker. She learns or “discovers” what people think about Griff. She can’t believe that her rescuer would be capable of such a thing. Rory decides to prove that he is innocent. She starts using her computer skills to find info about the case. Rory attract unwanted attention from the authorities. She knows that Griff has had a hard time / life and wants help him.

 Rory is a smart, sassy and independent girl with secrets of her own. She is tough and will take anyone on. Griff is a sexy bad boy with a dirty mouth and a rough side. He is also smart and has a sensitive side. While trying to find out what happened to Hadley, the girl who disappeared, Griff and Rory visit a secret sex club and have a run in with angry billionaires. These two characters have great sexual chemistry. This story has action and suspense. You get to see the good and bad side of the main characters. There are secrets that get revealed / exposed. This is in my opinion a slightly different take on a bad boy story. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, who like a dirty talking bad boy.

* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. *

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