CJ & Ellie = A Sweet & Touching Read

My Cowboy Soldier

Gillian Cherry (author)

4 Sweet Stars!

         CJ Reynolds and Ellie Carter are childhood sweethearts. They decide to elope instead of going to prom. CJ tells Ellie that he was decided to join and has already enlisted in the Marines. She is worried, but Ellie will support CJ regards of her family’s tragic history. CJ wants to explain to Ellie’s mother the reasons for joining the military. Ellie and CJ have a short time together before he heads out, but life has a way of caring on regardless. Ellie’s mother finds out that Ellie is pregnant and worries what the future holds for the young couple.

           This is a sweet and touching story that many people can relate to. I laughed and shed tears (okay I cried.) while reading this story. I would love to know what happens in the future for these characters.

     ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. **

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Call Me A Sexy Bad Boy

Call Me Killer: A Bad Boy Romance

Linda Barlow (author)

4 Stars!

         Griff is a bad boy who seem to have everything going for him. Everything changes when the girl Griff is seeing disappears, and everyone believes that he murdered her. One rainy night while at a gas station, Griff gives a ride to a girl in need. Rory is trying to get away from a man with a gun and a shovel. Griff lets her stay the night at his place.

         Rory is an MIT student and a computer hacker. She learns or “discovers” what people think about Griff. She can’t believe that her rescuer would be capable of such a thing. Rory decides to prove that he is innocent. She starts using her computer skills to find info about the case. Rory attract unwanted attention from the authorities. She knows that Griff has had a hard time / life and wants help him.

 Rory is a smart, sassy and independent girl with secrets of her own. She is tough and will take anyone on. Griff is a sexy bad boy with a dirty mouth and a rough side. He is also smart and has a sensitive side. While trying to find out what happened to Hadley, the girl who disappeared, Griff and Rory visit a secret sex club and have a run in with angry billionaires. These two characters have great sexual chemistry. This story has action and suspense. You get to see the good and bad side of the main characters. There are secrets that get revealed / exposed. This is in my opinion a slightly different take on a bad boy story. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, who like a dirty talking bad boy.

* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. *

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Shared By Two!

Shared By My Stepbrothers 

Minx MacKenzie (Author)

      3 1/2 Sinfully Sexy Stars!!

    Rhiannon has been interested in her stepbrothers. The twins don’t seem interested in her. Rhiannon’s friend tells her about a club that she can auction off her v card. Rhiannon is surprised by the winner or winners. John and Dylan are gorgeous, rich men that are used to getting what they want.

     This is a very quick, hot read. There is definitely a happy ending! “Wink”  ; )  I would like to know what happens next for these three.

Ménage = Yes
Taboo = Step siblings
Pro(s) = Very Hot Scene(s)
Con(s) = Short For The Price, Only One Main Scene With The Triad
Recommend = Yes
Hot / Sexness = 4 1/2 Stars
Story Overall = 3 1/2 Stars

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4 1/2 Stars! It had me Sold!!

Sold To The Man In The Second Row

Mia Sorrows (Author)

    Chris and Ryan are very much in love, but are in need of money. They heard about a club that is having an auction. Ryan volunteers to be auctioned off. Chris insisted that he be present to watch everything. Yum!! Brendon wins Ryan in the kinky auction. Then the three men go to a room in the back of the club for a good time.

     This is my first book by this author. I loved the story concept and the characters. It was a quick read with lots of steam. “Wink, Wink”.  Great sex scene! I hope that there is a future book with these three characters in it. I will look for more books by this author.

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The Librarian and Her 2 Bears!

A Bear’s Journey (Shifter Country Bears Book 4)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

      A Bear’s Journey is the fourth book in the Shifter Country Bears series. It can be read as a stand alone. A Bear’s Journey is the story of Olivia, who as introduced in the last book in the series. There are some twists and turns (or mystery). This is a fast paced, sizzling romance.      

*Possible Spoiler*

      Olivia Lessing is a bear shifter, who has been feral for 10 years. She is still working on adjusting to life in her human form again. Olivia struggles everyday with being around other people and communicating with people. She has to fight to not shift (to her bear form) and run away. So, Olivia makes lists of all the things that she likes about being human, like peanut butter and hugs.

      Jasper Sargent, the son of Senator Sargent, and his partner and mate Craig have been looking to find third. The men feel that they saw the woman that could complete their triad a few years ago, but have not be able to locate her. Jasper spots the mystery girl/bear, Olivia, behind the library reading. Craig get excited, when he find out that Olivia lives in Cascadia. 

     Jasper and Craig learn that people believe that Olivia is the one that has killed the wolves. This doesn’t stop the men for asking Olivia out on a date. Jasper and Craig stand by Olivia. They protect and support her, until Olivia feel more confident in herself. 

     Favorite Quote:
 “Okay,” she said. “I think I’m normal again.” 
 “You’ll never be normal,” said Jasper. “It’s what we love you for.”

      The story of Olivia, Jasper, and Craig is a wonderful story about love and finding the person or people that make you feel complete. In my humble opinion, this story about feeling comfortable in your own skin or being okay to be yourself. I highly recommend this story to anyone. I loved that Roxie had Olivia working in a librarian and loved to read. ; ) 

*I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.*

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