Club Secrets USA Book 1 

Layla Wilcox (Author) 

      David Hauser is home on break from college. David is getting ready to go to medical school. While in his bedroom, he goes to use an old computer and discovers it is logged into a porn site. David is shocked to learn that some of the naked photos are of the beautiful and sexy neighbor, Andrea Whitney. She is his mother’s friend, and David used babysit for Andrea’s children. David has had a crush on her, since he was fifteen years old. While David is enjoying Andrea’s photos, his mother walks in on him. Very embarrassing. David learns that Andrea frequents a place called Club Secrets and is on her way there. He goes there in hopes of meeting up with Andrea. Once at Club Secrets, David discovers a very different scene than he is used to, but he does find Andrea. David helps Andrea out, when she is drunk, harassed by a man, and in a scary situation. 

     This is book one of three in the series. Andrea is a woman who is exploring her sexual side. David makes his way through the clubs, in each book. I liked that David is a gentlemen, but has a naughty, dirty side.  I loved his answer to what his medical specialty would be. Hilarious! This is a very steamy and fast read. A fan may be required while reading this story. 

  **I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.** 

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