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Seduced (At The Marine Masquerade Ball)

Jamie Klaire (Author)

      Rose goes to the military masquerade ball. She looking for some fun (adventure). Rose knows what will happen if her father finds out what she is doing. She seems to feel braver with the mask on. Rose daydreams/fantasize about a man, that she sees there, with chocolate, brown eyes. Later Rose has a dance with the man. Soon Rose and her mystery man end up in a room behind the curtain while the ball keeps going. These two never speak to each other or remove their masks.

      I did enjoy this story, but I wish it was longer. I’m greedy that way. I would have liked to know that the story continues for these two (with what they shared). Overall, I did like the mystery of it all. It is a steamy, sexy read.

 4 Sexy Stars!

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