A Bear’s Protection

Roxie Noir (Author)

5 Stars!

      Cora is a young woman, who is leaving her friends and family behind, to move across the country to get away from a stalker. She has decided to move to the shifter state of Cascadia. Cora feels that this move is a new start for her and hopes that she can feel safe again. She is a feisty woman with a vulnerable side. 

     Ash is a police officer, who takes his job seriously. Hunter is a veterinarian.  Ash and Hunter have been friends since they were teenagers. They are bear shifters and are a mate pair. Ash and Hunter are looking for a woman to complete their triad. They truly love each other.

     When Cora speeds into their lives, Ash and Hunter are both hooked / smitten. They know that she is the woman that they have been waiting for. Cora is not looking for love, but she feels an instant connection / reaction to both men as well. When things start to happen with the stalker, Cora doesn’t tell the men everything. Ash and Hunter tell Cora that they can protect her. They feel very protective and a little possessive of Cora. I loved that Cora could count on the two men, when she needed them the most.

     This is a very hot, steamy read. It is my first shifter story, but I loved it. The men are extremely sexy together and with Cora (hot sex scenes). I have read other stories by Roxie, and I am never disappointed. This story has romance, action, suspense and great characters. 

     **I received this ARC book in exchange for an unbiased review.**

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