Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement (Russian Enforcers: The Petrovs Book 4)

Russian Enforcer’s Royal Engagement

Nic Saint (Author)

5 steamy stars!!!

**Possible Spoilers**

     Russian Enforcer’s Royal Engagement starts off with a bang, literally! Then add in a panic room filled with sexual tension and chemistry.

    Diana Petrov is attending her brother’s wedding in the kingdom of Montinia, when the palace is rocked by an explosion. Terrorists rush in and hold everyone hostage. Diana escape to a panic room with a sexy stranger that she had noticed earlier, not by her choice. Jack, aka Prince Jacques, tries to keep Diana in the room and safe. He is used to being in charge from his background in special forces. Diana is feisty and the two argue. She wants to have someone take care of her or protect her for a change. Because of who Diana’s family is, men don’t think that she needs to be taken care of. After they become intimate, Jack instantly feels protective and possessive of Diana. Jack decides that he won’t let anyone hurt Diana. He makes Diana feel safe and feel other things that she hadn’t felt in along time if ever. The terrorists force Diana with Jack to exit the panic room by threatening to shot her family. It is discovered that the terrorists were there looking for Diana. Jack tells the terrorists that they are engaged, so Diana and Jack will be able to stay together. Diana discovers through these men, who she really is, her real family tree and her family fortune. The terrorists take a lot from Diana ($ hint) She is lost and torn regarding Jack. Diana is in loving with a Prince Jack, but feels she is not good enough / not in his league. Jack convinces Diana to stay a little longer and more trouble follows.

    It does turn out great and I hope that you read this book. I loved it!! I appreciated that Nic Saint let us see all sides / facets of the main characters (Diana, Jack). We get to see their hope and dreams, their fear, and struggles (I feel anyways). I highly recommend this book. I believe that these characters could be real.

**I was gifted this arc book in exchange for an honest an unbiased review.**

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