Wonderful Start To The Series!

Pursued: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (His Domination Book 1)

Pursued: An Alpha Billionaire’s Romance (His Domination Book 1)

Cynthia Dane (Author)

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review!**

     Pursued is the first of three books in a series. It is a great start to this series of Monica and Henry.

     Monica Graham is a submissive, who has run away / escaped from an abusive Dom (ex boyfriend). She has to find a way to survive and starts a business catering to wealthy men with similar tastes. Henry Warren attends one of the dinners at Monica’s club, The Chateau, with his friend. He starts sending her expensive gifts and notes. Henry wants to have a relationship (sexual) with Monica. They both see something in each other. “We’re two halves.” When you think thinks are going to work out for Monica, Jackson Lyle, Monica’s ex, sends a threatening note.

     I love how the author allowed us to see Monica’s vulnerability and fears. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the next one. I need to know what happens with Monica and Henry.

4 1/2 stars

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Burning Hot Firemen

Burning Lust (An MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Burning Lust (A MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Roxie Noir (Author)

     Katie moves back to her hometown and starting a new job. When trying to start a fire in the fireplace, the home begins to fill with smoke and firemen are are arriving on the scene. To Kate’s surprise, one of the firefighters is her high school crush, Patrick. Katie is shocked that Patrick remembers her, since he was the popular football player. She meets his partner, Sam, who is also a ski and rafting instructor. Katie becomes torn, because she is attracted to and wants both men. Patrick and Sam have secrets that Katie doesn’t know about, but they are willing to tell her or show it to her.

     I love a good menage story and love this one. I love Roxie Noir’s menage stories. I only wish that this story was a little bit longer. I would love to know what happens next for Patrick, Sam, and Katie.

4 1/2 sexy stars!

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Needed and Wanted!

Becoming Brad's

Becoming Brad’s

Aubrey Cullens (Author)

     Brad is a 32 year old general contractor, who seems to have everything going for him. Justin is a 20 something kid, who is constantly screwing up. His sister, Hannah, always has to help Justin out or fix it. He has been lost and out of control, since the death of their parents. When Justin messing up again while sister is on her honeymoon, her gay neighbor Brad is there to help him out for a price. Brad discovers Justin hungover and hurt in Hannah trashed apartment. Brad takes care of his hands and immediately feels protective and progressive of the straight man. Brad tell Justin that he will fix the apartment for sexual favors. He agrees and tells Brad that he needs him. Brad wants to be needed by someone and wants to take care of someone special. As their time together processes, Brad starts to feel guilty and thinks that Justin doesn’t really care about him. Justin thinks that Brad only wants him for one thing and that he is wanted or desired. When Hannah comes home Brad feels that he needs to push Justin away. This causes both men to be hurt, but more so for Justin. Both Brad and Justin are lonely, vulnerable men, who want to find love. There is a lot of misunderstanding or unspoken feelings between the men. When Hannah asks Brad to help find Justin, he wonders if he might have cause some of Justin’s latest problems. When Justin is found, he wonders if he might have a second chance with Brad.

    I love this story. I didn’t expect the ending. I feel like I went through every emotion in this story (laughter, tears, etc). The characters had great chemistry. The author made you really care for and root for Brad and Justin.

Characters = 5 stars
Sexy / Hotness = 5 stars
Story / Plot = 5 stars
Recommend it to Others = yes!
Overall 5 stars !!

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