RIGHT TIME, WRONG PLACE - PART TWO (a billionaire romance love story)

Right Time, Wrong Place Book Two

Jaime Morghan (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

     In this second book in a three part series, Dakota and Alexander continue to see each other (breaking Alexander’s rule). Alexander is still as controlling, dominant, alpha male. Dakota is still trying to get her book published. She is developing stronger feelings for Alexander, but doesn’t know how he feels for her. The things that Alexander asks Dakota to do (demand) is crazier and wilder than the last. She reveals to Alex more about herself and her book. Dakota wants to learn more about Alex, but he is still a mystery. Both Alex and Dakota are crazy about each other, and the sex scenes are more intense in this book. We are left wondering what will happen with this couple in the next book. Will they stay together? Will Dakota find love or just heartbreak? Will Alexander let Dakota into his world / life and love her? Will Dakota get her book published? Will her questions about the dress be answered? So many questions, that I have to read Book 3 right away! To me, I felt that we started to see a softer side to Alexander and a more independent, feisty side to Dakota. I really enjoyed this book better than the first one.

*I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review.*

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