Spark by E. Davies

   **Possible Spoiler Alert**

          Kevin Walker is a gourmet baker, who enjoys making desserts and dreams of opening a dessert bar with his best friend, Troy. Troy, who is gay, secretly applies for a storefront on Ember Isle, an exclusive gay millionaires’ retreat. After they get accepted, Kevin agrees to go even though he is straight. He has never been with a woman and has hardly even kissed before. 
       Eli Black is a billionaire, who just discovered his boyfriend, a famous actor, was cheating on him. Eli walked in on Tom having sex with someone else in their bed. Ouch. Eli’s friend encourages him to on vacation to Ember Isle. He has gone in the past with Tom. Eli decides to go anyway while he waits for Tom to make the breakup public. 

       Eli see Kevin as they arrive on the island. They have a cute interaction involving a crab. When Eli touches Kevin’s hand, they both feel something special. Kevin reminds himself that he is straight, even as he thinks how attractive Eli is. The next day Eli step into an open shop door to discover Kevin. Kevin rudely states that the place is not open yet. After seeing that it is Eli, he tells Eli that the dessert bar with be open soon and invites him to come back then. Kevin gives Eli a quick kiss, surprising them both. 

     After the kiss, Kevin is not sure of his feelings. He enjoyed the kiss with Eli, but he is straight. Eli comes to the grand opening of the dessert bar. Kevin is happy to see him. They share a great kiss. Kevin goes home with Eli. These two share a special night together. Kevin doesn’t realize who Eli is until he leaves and see Tom, Eli’s ex, outside the house (mansion). 

     I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series. I love Eli and Kevin and want a HEA for them. I want to find out what happens with Tom and why he is on the island. My only issue is that with Kevin being a virgin and never being with a man, I would have expected him to say something during the whole sex scene or freak out a little. Other than that, I thought it was a very sweet and sexy scene. Eli and Kevin had a lot sexual tension through out the story. 

Cliffhanger = yes
Sexy / Hotness = 4.5 stars
Romance  = 4.5 stars
Recommend To Others = yes
Characters = 5 stars One of them can make great desserts, like the French Kiss!


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