Her Wild Riders: BBW Biker Romance  by Rayne O’Gara

5 out of 5 Stars!
     Jaycee is a small town librarian, who loves to hang out with her girlfriends. She is a curvy girl with brains and heart. The three girls decide to have a girls’ night and end up in a biker bar. Jaycee stands up to one of the bikers, when he insults her and her friends. Before he can hit Jaycee, two bikers step in to control the situation. Steel and Onyx are the President and Vice President of the Demon Rebels MC. They have been friends and brothers since they were young. These two always have each other’s back. Steel is the strong, silent type. Onyx is comfortable doing the talking for Steel and himself. Steel and Onyx find Jaycee, with all her curves, very sexy. They tell Jaycee to only come back to the bar if she is prepared to be with both of them (be a bunny). After dreaming about the two sexy bikers, Jaycee does go back to the bar and has a wild night with them. After their night together, Steel, Onyx and Jaycee can’t stop thinking about each other or the night that they spend together. Jaycee discovers later that she has a stalker. When the stalker becomes more dangerous, she decides to go to Steel and Onyx for help. The two bikers do help her, even while they are dealing with their own problems (Demon Rebels).

    The stalker was not who you would like it would be, at least for me. This book does have happily ever after. Some of my favorite parts are when Jaycee goes off on a girl who is hitting on Onyx and the ending scene in the clubhouse. I hope that there are more books to come with story of Jaycee’s friends and the other bikers. My favorite quotes is “To love and be loved back is … God if we could bottle this feeling right now we’d make millions.”  (actually it is Jaycee’s thought). This is a great menage book with some alpha males and a female with likes to be in control as well. Jaycee is a feisty, independent woman, who loves the attention of two smoking hot bikers. I loved how all the characters had their own insecurities and vulnerability, but they had their own strengths too. This is the first book by Rayne O’Gara that I have read, but I am definitely looking forward to reading the author’s other books. 

Characters = 5 stars
Story / Plot = 5 stars
Menage = Yes (mfm)
Heat / Sexy / Hotness = 5 stars 
Recommend To Others = Yes
Suspense / Mystery = 4 stars 
Violence = Some not much
Alpha Male = 5 stars, This one has two.
Heroine / Female Lead Character = 5 stars, She is curvy girl with attitude and who can throw a punch. You got to love her.
Emotion = I went through every emotion with book for the most part. I laughed, cried,was angry, and everything in between.

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