To Defy A Russian Billionaire

Nic Saint (Author)

       Fire and Ice! Feisty, stubborn, independent and vulnerable are just a few ways that can describe both main characters in this story. This is a fast paced story with a happily ever after. 

       **Possible spoilers**

       Julia Stern is a reporter, who gets a chance to interview a Russian Billionaire.  She decides to ask personal questions that she knows is off limits. Julia continues to ask probing questions and has the interview abruptly ended when the interviewee storms out. Julia later learns that she has been hired. 

       Yulian Gornakov is a Russian Billionaire with family ties to the Russian Mob. He is working to turn the family business (mob) into a legitimate business and doesn’t like a nosy reporter asking intimate questions. After Julia has the interview posted on Youtube / on-line, Yulian lashes out and has her blacklisted.

       Julia is left with no choice, but go to work for her father on a cruise ship. Yulian decides to take a much needed vacation and goes on a cruise. When they run into each other board, Yulian assumes that Julia is stalking him and tries to have her arrested. Later Julia is attacked multiple times by men, because of her connection to Yulian. He has to step in to help her save Julia. 

        Julia and Yulian are either arguing or kissing. They have great chemistry. There is lots of sexual tension. Julia and Yulian make a great couple and get a little help (push) from Ruslan. These two characters are very believable as a couple.
           ** This is my honest review in exchange for an ARC. **

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