Sensual, Sexy Reads!

Red Hot Candy: (22 Delicious Romances)

Dude by Gillian Cherry

    Skylar Warwick is on her way to her mother’s wedding. On the way to the dude ranch, she has car trouble. The sexy & hunky cowboy that helps / rescues her is Cal Reynolds. Skylar doesn’t know it, but Cal is her soon to be stepbrother. Everything and anything that can go wrong seems to for accident prone Skylar. She is attracted to Cal from the beginning. Cal seems to be used to getting what he wants. I love the sexual tension / chemistry between Skylar and Cal. I felt for poor, clumsy Skylar, which was funny at times. This is a sexy quick read about step siblings. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series. 
 4 1/2 Sexy Stars!

The Billionaire Biker’s Bitch by Layla Wilcox

    On her way out for a girls’ night, Claire Davenport is pasted by several bikers. One biker comes way too close to her and seems to checking her out. Later down the road, Claire see the biker again and notices the writing on his shirt. (I personally love it by the way.) While dancing she is approached by a sexy stranger. Claire has a sexual encounter with him without getting his name, but he asked her first name. I love when he calls her “little one”. As he walks away, Claire notices the back of his shirt. Claire starts her new job soon as a receptionist, while she finishes her master degree.

    Alexander Harriman is a billionaire CEO of Harriman Motors. When he gives the welcome speech to the new hires, Alexander discovers the girl from the club, Claire is one of his newest employees. The company has a policy of no employee relationships. He invites Claire to come over with her employee manual/rules in one week. Alexander is used to being in charge and getting what he wants. 

    Alexander is an alpha male with a sweet side. Claire is a feisty, strong woman. The sexual chemistry and sex scenes are hot and steamy. The last scene was great with the shirt that Claire buys. I can’t wait for the next book to see what is next book for Claire and Alex. I love how these two seem to feed off each other. I think that everyone could use an Alex in their life. Yum.  
5 Hot, Sexy Stars!!

**I received these arc books in exchange for an unbiased review.**

A Great Ending To This Series!

Menage a Cowboy 4: Billionaire Western Menage

Menage A Cowboy (Part Four)

Jamie Klaire (Author)

5 Stars!

      This series has everything that makes a story or in this case a series great, in my opinion. There is action, romance, suspense, alpha males, menage, cowboys, and a happily ever after. Grace is a strong woman, who dropped her cheating boyfriend, Jake, and has fallen hard for two cowboy brothers. Her father has stopped speaking to her and won’t pay for her college, because Grace is staying at Adam & Scott’s ranch. This book, Grace wakes up to realize that Jake has kidnapped her and figures out where she is. Grace knows that she has to help save herself until help can come. I love that her father finally comes around. Tinkerbell was an interesting touch to the story. Menage A Cowboy is a very hot series that has made me a fan of Jamie Klaire.

Hot Menage Stories!!

Double Your Pleasure: Menage Romance Mega Bundle

Double Your Pleasure:Menage Romance Mega Bundle

4 1/2 stars

This is a great collection of ménage stories. Whether you like cowboys, billionaires, alphas, or anything to do with the paranormal and fantasy, then you will enjoy reading this collection. There are stories for everyone’s tastes. Some of my favorites were Ménage A Cowboy, Backstage Billionaires, and Jacks – Billionaire Brothers 2. I have discovered some great new authors now. Some of the stories are part one in a series, cliffhangers, and some are stand alone. I have already ordered the next book in the series on a few of them. These stories feature all combinations (mfm, fmf, mmf, etc) and are sizzling, sexy & erotic. I enjoyed the strong, sassy female characters and the bossy, alpha male characters. I am a fan of ménage and romance, and this is a must read collection. 

*I was given this arc book in exchanged for an unbiased review.

A Sexy MMF Menage

Ravished by Royalty (A Billionaire MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Ravished by Royalty (A Billionaire MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 stars!

Cora is a caterer, who is attracted to one of her wealthy clients, Damien. After a party, Damien invites Cora to stay after for a drink with himself and Alessandro. The two men are used to getting what they want, and they want Cora. She gets a shock when Damien and Alessandro start to kiss each other. Instead of running out, Cora stays, and they all spend a hot, steamy night together.

Favorite quote = “The wine needs to breathe for a while. Let’s distract ourselves for a while.”

This is a quick, sexy bisexual menage read. I always enjoy a good menage story. I felt that it ended with the possibility of another book with these characters (maybe with 2 or all 3). That could just be me hoping for another book with a happily ever after.

Is there a right time for Alexander and Dakota?

RIGHT TIME, WRONG PLACE - PART TWO (a billionaire romance love story)

Right Time, Wrong Place Book Two

Jaime Morghan (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

     In this second book in a three part series, Dakota and Alexander continue to see each other (breaking Alexander’s rule). Alexander is still as controlling, dominant, alpha male. Dakota is still trying to get her book published. She is developing stronger feelings for Alexander, but doesn’t know how he feels for her. The things that Alexander asks Dakota to do (demand) is crazier and wilder than the last. She reveals to Alex more about herself and her book. Dakota wants to learn more about Alex, but he is still a mystery. Both Alex and Dakota are crazy about each other, and the sex scenes are more intense in this book. We are left wondering what will happen with this couple in the next book. Will they stay together? Will Dakota find love or just heartbreak? Will Alexander let Dakota into his world / life and love her? Will Dakota get her book published? Will her questions about the dress be answered? So many questions, that I have to read Book 3 right away! To me, I felt that we started to see a softer side to Alexander and a more independent, feisty side to Dakota. I really enjoyed this book better than the first one.

*I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review.*

Spark!! A Firey Read!

Spark by E. Davies

   **Possible Spoiler Alert**

          Kevin Walker is a gourmet baker, who enjoys making desserts and dreams of opening a dessert bar with his best friend, Troy. Troy, who is gay, secretly applies for a storefront on Ember Isle, an exclusive gay millionaires’ retreat. After they get accepted, Kevin agrees to go even though he is straight. He has never been with a woman and has hardly even kissed before. 
       Eli Black is a billionaire, who just discovered his boyfriend, a famous actor, was cheating on him. Eli walked in on Tom having sex with someone else in their bed. Ouch. Eli’s friend encourages him to on vacation to Ember Isle. He has gone in the past with Tom. Eli decides to go anyway while he waits for Tom to make the breakup public. 

       Eli see Kevin as they arrive on the island. They have a cute interaction involving a crab. When Eli touches Kevin’s hand, they both feel something special. Kevin reminds himself that he is straight, even as he thinks how attractive Eli is. The next day Eli step into an open shop door to discover Kevin. Kevin rudely states that the place is not open yet. After seeing that it is Eli, he tells Eli that the dessert bar with be open soon and invites him to come back then. Kevin gives Eli a quick kiss, surprising them both. 

     After the kiss, Kevin is not sure of his feelings. He enjoyed the kiss with Eli, but he is straight. Eli comes to the grand opening of the dessert bar. Kevin is happy to see him. They share a great kiss. Kevin goes home with Eli. These two share a special night together. Kevin doesn’t realize who Eli is until he leaves and see Tom, Eli’s ex, outside the house (mansion). 

     I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series. I love Eli and Kevin and want a HEA for them. I want to find out what happens with Tom and why he is on the island. My only issue is that with Kevin being a virgin and never being with a man, I would have expected him to say something during the whole sex scene or freak out a little. Other than that, I thought it was a very sweet and sexy scene. Eli and Kevin had a lot sexual tension through out the story. 

Cliffhanger = yes
Sexy / Hotness = 4.5 stars
Romance  = 4.5 stars
Recommend To Others = yes
Characters = 5 stars One of them can make great desserts, like the French Kiss!


One Hot, Wild Ride!

               Her Wild Riders: BBW Biker Romance  by Rayne O’Gara

5 out of 5 Stars!
     Jaycee is a small town librarian, who loves to hang out with her girlfriends. She is a curvy girl with brains and heart. The three girls decide to have a girls’ night and end up in a biker bar. Jaycee stands up to one of the bikers, when he insults her and her friends. Before he can hit Jaycee, two bikers step in to control the situation. Steel and Onyx are the President and Vice President of the Demon Rebels MC. They have been friends and brothers since they were young. These two always have each other’s back. Steel is the strong, silent type. Onyx is comfortable doing the talking for Steel and himself. Steel and Onyx find Jaycee, with all her curves, very sexy. They tell Jaycee to only come back to the bar if she is prepared to be with both of them (be a bunny). After dreaming about the two sexy bikers, Jaycee does go back to the bar and has a wild night with them. After their night together, Steel, Onyx and Jaycee can’t stop thinking about each other or the night that they spend together. Jaycee discovers later that she has a stalker. When the stalker becomes more dangerous, she decides to go to Steel and Onyx for help. The two bikers do help her, even while they are dealing with their own problems (Demon Rebels).

    The stalker was not who you would like it would be, at least for me. This book does have happily ever after. Some of my favorite parts are when Jaycee goes off on a girl who is hitting on Onyx and the ending scene in the clubhouse. I hope that there are more books to come with story of Jaycee’s friends and the other bikers. My favorite quotes is “To love and be loved back is … God if we could bottle this feeling right now we’d make millions.”  (actually it is Jaycee’s thought). This is a great menage book with some alpha males and a female with likes to be in control as well. Jaycee is a feisty, independent woman, who loves the attention of two smoking hot bikers. I loved how all the characters had their own insecurities and vulnerability, but they had their own strengths too. This is the first book by Rayne O’Gara that I have read, but I am definitely looking forward to reading the author’s other books. 

Characters = 5 stars
Story / Plot = 5 stars
Menage = Yes (mfm)
Heat / Sexy / Hotness = 5 stars 
Recommend To Others = Yes
Suspense / Mystery = 4 stars 
Violence = Some not much
Alpha Male = 5 stars, This one has two.
Heroine / Female Lead Character = 5 stars, She is curvy girl with attitude and who can throw a punch. You got to love her.
Emotion = I went through every emotion with book for the most part. I laughed, cried,was angry, and everything in between.

Fire and Ice

To Defy A Russian Billionaire

Nic Saint (Author)

       Fire and Ice! Feisty, stubborn, independent and vulnerable are just a few ways that can describe both main characters in this story. This is a fast paced story with a happily ever after. 

       **Possible spoilers**

       Julia Stern is a reporter, who gets a chance to interview a Russian Billionaire.  She decides to ask personal questions that she knows is off limits. Julia continues to ask probing questions and has the interview abruptly ended when the interviewee storms out. Julia later learns that she has been hired. 

       Yulian Gornakov is a Russian Billionaire with family ties to the Russian Mob. He is working to turn the family business (mob) into a legitimate business and doesn’t like a nosy reporter asking intimate questions. After Julia has the interview posted on Youtube / on-line, Yulian lashes out and has her blacklisted.

       Julia is left with no choice, but go to work for her father on a cruise ship. Yulian decides to take a much needed vacation and goes on a cruise. When they run into each other board, Yulian assumes that Julia is stalking him and tries to have her arrested. Later Julia is attacked multiple times by men, because of her connection to Yulian. He has to step in to help her save Julia. 

        Julia and Yulian are either arguing or kissing. They have great chemistry. There is lots of sexual tension. Julia and Yulian make a great couple and get a little help (push) from Ruslan. These two characters are very believable as a couple.
           ** This is my honest review in exchange for an ARC. **