Russian Enforcer's Reluctant Bride (Russian Enforcers Book 1)

Russian Enforcer’s Reluctant Bride (Russian Enforcers Book 1) 
Nic Saint (Author)

        This is a dark romance with a HEA. There is suspense and great sexual tension between the main characters. There are some delicious sex scenes between them. Also there is violence. It is a fast past story, that kept me engaged for the first page to the last. I feel that I experienced all of Joanna and Vitaly’s emotions throughout the story. I cried, laughed, was nervous, scared, worried, elated and so many more.
        ***Possible Spoilers ahead***

           Joanna Royale is on the verge of starting her life over after her ex-husband left her. Joanna meets Vitaly Loganov in the woods after saving the life of a young woman. Joanna finds out that the woman is the daughter of a Russian Mobster, named Yury. Vitaly is Yury’s main enforcer. On the eve before Joanna is set leave town, her house and life are invaded by the Russian Mob. The men say that they are looking for her ex-husband, who owes them money. Joanna tells them that she doesn’t know where her ex is and has no money. Vitaly is grateful to Joanna for her help in the woods and wants to save Joanna from Yury. Vitaly tells Joanna that the only way to protect her is for them to get married. Joanna rejects Vitaly’s offer, because she feels that she doesn’t need a man or protection. Later another one of Yury’s enforcers comes after her, Joanna tells him that she is Vitaly’s. When Vitaly and Joanna are back together, they discuss their story in order to fool Yury into believing that they are really a couple.
           Vitaly is a domineering alpha male, who has done bad things (hurt and killed people). He does work for a Russian Mobster. Vitaly also has a good side, maybe even sweet side. He shows that by how he wants to take care / protect Joanna and eventually loves her. His good side is evident in the fact that the other men respect him, not fear Vitaly. Joanna is strong and independent. She has a good sense of right and wrong. Joanna stands up for what she believes in and will try to protect those in need.
           As the story goes on, we discover how truly crazy Yury is. Yury is a sadistic killer. He seems to kill for the fun of it. He wants to get rid of Joanna, so Vitaly get back in line so to speak. Yury has issues with women. His sanity is slowly slipping, and no one is safe. Joanna finds out that Yury is not really after her ex, but trying get to her father, the mayor. After Yury and his some of his men go after Joanna and Vitaly, they try to escape over the wall. Vitaly is shot, and Joanna refused to leave him. They admit their love for each other. With help from some of men, they make it over the wall and stay with Vitaly’s friend. Eventually, Vitaly feels that he needs to figure out a way to get Joanna safely away from Yury. He goes to find a way to do just that.
           There are twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The story didn’t end how I might have expected it to. My only complaint was that I wanted it to be longer. I hope that the next story in the series updates us on their story. I highly recommend this book.

**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This is indeed my honest review.**

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