Menage a Cowboy 1: Billionaire Western Menage
 Menage A Cowboy: Billionaire Western Menage (Part One)
Jamie Klaire (Author)
        Wow! Grace is home from college. She goes to help her veterinarian dad on a call. There is a mare having trouble giving birth, and Grace is asked to help out. She is caught daydreaming while starring at the hot cowboy, Scott. Grace is nervous, but the handsome cowboy encourages her to jump in. Later Grace goes to take a shower and meets Scott’s twin brother, Adam. Not realizing that he isn’t Scott, they end up kissing and getting caught by her dad and Scott. Grace is embarrassed about what happened, but has to go back the next day to check on the horses. She runs into Scott. They start kissing, and it gets very steamy in a barn stall. The twin cowboys are very different (at least kissing styles). Adam is more gentle and sensual. Where Scott is more controlling and demanding. He is a little bit of a dirty mouth and likes to talk while he makes out (makes love). This is a very hot book. It ends with a cliffhanger. I am going to read the next one now.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Hotness / Sexy = 5 Stars
Cliffhanger / Series = Yes. This is the 1st of 4 books.
Alpha Male with some light BDSM.

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