Night After Night (Night Riders Motorcycle Club Book 1)

Night After Night (Night Riders Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Kathryn Thomas (Author)

3 out of 5 stars
Story = 4 stars
Hotness / sex scenes = 4.5 stars

This is a dark, intense read. It is definitely not for everyone.

     Lauren is a 22 year old woman, who is taking a road trip alone. After she has car trouble, she finds herself a victim of human trafficking. Lauren is placed on an auction block, where 2 bikers are trying to outbid each other for her. Blake wins Lauren in the auction and takes her home with him. 

     Blake is a tattoo and scarred biker. He can be ruthless and will not hesitate to take out his enemies. Blake stops Lauren’s multiple attempts at escape. But Blake also protects her from Eric, another biker who is trying to hurt Lauren. Blake lets her known that he will never let her go.

      Night After Night is the first in the series. My only complaint is the editing/proofreading. I hate to have to mention it, but it became troublesome at times. This is the reason why my rate is 3 stars. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story and will mostly read the next story to see happens with Lauren and Blake.

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