Stepbrother Charming: A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Bad, Boy Charming
**I received an ARC for an honest review.**

          Claire Frost is the daughter of a congresswoman. She has just graduated from college and is out enjoying a night at a club with her best friend. Claire is hit on by a sexy, but rude playboy named Ty. After they shared a hot, fiery kiss, Ty asks Claire to join him in a foursome. She promptly slaps his face and figures that she is done with him. Claire goes off to spend a few days with her mom, before she heads out to her internship. Claire discovers that her mom has gotten married, and she has a new stepbrother. Her stepbrother is none other than the sexy playboy, Prince “Not So” Charming, from the club. Claire and Ty are expected to spend the summer together with the family. Even though Ty is now her family, Claire is still attracted to him. Claire is intelligent, innocent and feisty with a smart mouth. She is the typically good girl, but she stands up to Ty.
         Ty Sterner is the son of millionaire. He owns the club that Claire was in and enjoys fighting (MMA style) in underground fights. Ty is a filthy mouth, bad boy and master seducer of women. He is able to charm women very easily until he meets Claire, Little Miss Perfect. Ty is definitely an alpha male. Even after he finds out that Claire is now his stepsister, Ty still wants her. Even though Claire and Ty decide to try to get along for their parents’ sake, Ty continues to flirt and touch her often. The sexual tension is undeniable, and eventually Claire and Ty give into their desire. Ty is the way his is, because of his childhood with his father. Ty doesn’t let people see who he really is or his insecurities. Ty’s father is an evil manipulative, control freak, tyrant. He is worried that his new stepmother doesn’t really know the man she married or seen the real man. Claire and Ty have a love and hate relationship, but you can tell that they really love each other. Claire starts to see the sweet and kind Ty. He realizes that she seems a little lonely, due to her past.
            I don’t want to give anything else away, but there is lots of drama. There are events that happen, decisions are made and twists in the story that cause betrayal and heartache. It makes you wonder if these two can have their happily ever after. It makes you want to root for Ty and Claire. I loved the banter between Ty and Claire. This story does have a cursing alpha and sizzling sex scenes, but there are touching moments as well. If you enjoy stepbrother romance, then I highly recommend this story.

Flow = 4 stars
Chemistry = 5 stars
Plot = 4.5 stars
Characters = 4.5 stars
Hot/Steamy Scenes = 5 stars

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