Russian Enforcer's Virgin Captive (Russian Enforcers Book 2)
                                    Nic Saint (Author)

Holy Hot Russian Enforcer

         Ariel is a young American girl. She wakes up in Russia with no memory of how she got there. Ariel discovers that she is being held captive by a Russian Enforcer, and that he is her husband. Even after see photographs and the video of the wedding, Ariel doesn’t believe that they are husband and wife. She discovers that she is being held, because of her father. Ariel has been told that he had died. She tries multiple times to escape without success. Ariel verbal spars with her captor/husband. She is feisty and goes toe to toe with Dimitri.
        Dimitri is a tattooed Russian Enforcer. Dimitri’s brother was charged with getting Ariel and using her to get her father out of hiding. After seeing Ariel’s picture, Dimitri knows that he has to keep her safe. He knew that his brother, Roman, would hurt Ariel.Dimitri and Ariel start to have feelings for each other. They seem to want to protect each other. Dimitri realizes the only way to keep Ariel safe is to take off with her. They need to go into hiding from the Russian Mob and his brother. He knows that Roman will hunt them both down. While Dimitri and Ariel are on the run, they meet up with Ariel’s father. He tells them that he can help Ariel, but not Dimitri. Ariel refuses to leave her husband behind. She is Dimitri’s only family now, and they love each other.
       The story ends with Dimitri and Ariel safe for now. We are given a glimpse of Roman and Dora, whose story is next. Ariel and Dimitri have great chemistry together and a sweet romance.
       There were many great moments between Dimitri and Ariel. Some moments were funny, and some were more serious. These two character are great together. I can’t wait for the next book and to find out what happens next for Ariel and Dimitri.

** This is my honest review in exchange for an ARC. **

5 Stars!

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