RIGHT TIME, WRONG PLACE - PART ONE (a billionaire romance love story)
Jaime Morghan (Author)

Chemistry & Sizzle Are Through The Roof!

5 Stars

** ARC copy given for an honest review **

       Dakota moved to New York City to make her dreams come true and become a famous author. Unfortunately she is a struggling writer, who house sits for wealthy people while they are on vacation. Dakota goes out to a club with her roommate and friend, Misha. Misha challenges or dares Dakota to do something wild (several times). Dakota goes over to a sexy stranger, “Mr. Hottie”, who has been staring at her. Mr. Hottie tells Dakota to come him now or leave. Since she wants something wild, Dakota goes with him. Mr. Hottie, Alexander, doesn’t tell her his name, but likes to be called Sir. 
       Alexander is a wealthy mystery man. He is naughty, dirty talking, alpha male. Alexander doesn’t ask, but takes what he wants. When Dakota and Alexander get together, it is combustible. Before these two can get to know each other better, Alexander is called away on business. He leaves by helicopter. Later while house sitting, Dakota accepts a package containing a gorgeous dress. With prompting from Misha, she wears the dress, goes back to the club and hopes to find Alexander.
       This book is the first of four books and ends in a cliffhanger. I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait to continue Alexander and Dakota’s story. The chemistry and sizzle of the two characters will short circuit your electrics (kindle).   ; )

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