Forbidden Game

                                                                                                      Cerise Lush (Author)

Game of Truth or Dare

      Candice goes to her family’s lake house with some friends, her boyfriend and her step brother, Cameron. After Candice’s boyfriend tries to force her to kiss him, Cameron comes to her rescue. After the two boys get into a fight, everyone leaves the lake house except Cameron and Candice. As they spend some of their Spring Break alone, they play their own game of truth or dare. Cameron and Candice admit their feelings for each other. The game takes a steamy and naughty turn very quickly. Yum. There is romance, hot sex scenes and a little kink. Cue the fan.

Sexy/Steamy Scenes = 5 Stars
Romance =5 Stars
Plot = 5 Stars
Character Development = 4.5 Stars
Ending = 3 Stars I felt like it maybe it was a suppose to continue in the next book.
Taboo = Yes

Recommend to Others = Definitely 

I really enjoyed Cameron and Candice’s story.

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