Anna and Giles

All Work and No Play (Serendipity Book 2)

Coleen Kwan (Author)

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review.**

*Possible Spoilers*

        Anna Reynolds is working her way up in the company. She is working on an IT project with a very important deadline. She has help with this project from a consultant, named Giles St Clair. Anna is always works long hours, but lately Giles is working with her. 

       Giles St Clair is in Australia for work and to get some breathing space with his family. He is a handsome, athletic and wealthy man with sky blue eyes, which are always watching Anna. Everything he does seem annoy Anna, like the way he talks or how attractive he is. 

       One day while they are working together, Anna goes into the stationery cupboard (closet) to release some stress / frustration. Giles goes to investigate after hearing Anna yelling, and they both get trapped in the closet. Things heat up very quickly. They both are attracted to each other, but Anna has a strict policy of not having an affair with anyone she works with. Someone comes and lets them out before anything could happen. Later, Giles and Anna decide to spend one and only one night together. The next day they are act as if nothing happened between them.

        There were some quotes in this book that I loved, like; 

“I’m very human, Anna.” “Here, see for yourself.”   
Yum is all I’m thinking.

“You’re gorgeous.”   “I’m sweaty and smelly and a total mess.”  “”Like I said, gorgeous.”  
I’m thinking where is that man, and can he say that to me everyday?!

      This is the second book in the series, but each book seems to be a stand alone. This is my first book by this author, but it will not be my last. I really enjoy this story. I ran though many emotions even though it is a novella (laughter, sadness, joy). 

         4 1/2 Stars

Vitaly & Joanna

Russian Enforcer's Reluctant Bride (Russian Enforcers Book 1)

Russian Enforcer’s Reluctant Bride (Russian Enforcers Book 1) 
Nic Saint (Author)

        This is a dark romance with a HEA. There is suspense and great sexual tension between the main characters. There are some delicious sex scenes between them. Also there is violence. It is a fast past story, that kept me engaged for the first page to the last. I feel that I experienced all of Joanna and Vitaly’s emotions throughout the story. I cried, laughed, was nervous, scared, worried, elated and so many more.
        ***Possible Spoilers ahead***

           Joanna Royale is on the verge of starting her life over after her ex-husband left her. Joanna meets Vitaly Loganov in the woods after saving the life of a young woman. Joanna finds out that the woman is the daughter of a Russian Mobster, named Yury. Vitaly is Yury’s main enforcer. On the eve before Joanna is set leave town, her house and life are invaded by the Russian Mob. The men say that they are looking for her ex-husband, who owes them money. Joanna tells them that she doesn’t know where her ex is and has no money. Vitaly is grateful to Joanna for her help in the woods and wants to save Joanna from Yury. Vitaly tells Joanna that the only way to protect her is for them to get married. Joanna rejects Vitaly’s offer, because she feels that she doesn’t need a man or protection. Later another one of Yury’s enforcers comes after her, Joanna tells him that she is Vitaly’s. When Vitaly and Joanna are back together, they discuss their story in order to fool Yury into believing that they are really a couple.
           Vitaly is a domineering alpha male, who has done bad things (hurt and killed people). He does work for a Russian Mobster. Vitaly also has a good side, maybe even sweet side. He shows that by how he wants to take care / protect Joanna and eventually loves her. His good side is evident in the fact that the other men respect him, not fear Vitaly. Joanna is strong and independent. She has a good sense of right and wrong. Joanna stands up for what she believes in and will try to protect those in need.
           As the story goes on, we discover how truly crazy Yury is. Yury is a sadistic killer. He seems to kill for the fun of it. He wants to get rid of Joanna, so Vitaly get back in line so to speak. Yury has issues with women. His sanity is slowly slipping, and no one is safe. Joanna finds out that Yury is not really after her ex, but trying get to her father, the mayor. After Yury and his some of his men go after Joanna and Vitaly, they try to escape over the wall. Vitaly is shot, and Joanna refused to leave him. They admit their love for each other. With help from some of men, they make it over the wall and stay with Vitaly’s friend. Eventually, Vitaly feels that he needs to figure out a way to get Joanna safely away from Yury. He goes to find a way to do just that.
           There are twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The story didn’t end how I might have expected it to. My only complaint was that I wanted it to be longer. I hope that the next story in the series updates us on their story. I highly recommend this book.

**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This is indeed my honest review.**

Ultimate Weekend Hookup! Yum!

The Seduction Factor: Billionaire Erotica Romance (The Seduction Factor Series Book 1)

The Seduction Factor: Billionaire Erotica Romance (The Seduction Factor Series Book 1)

Scarlett Avery (Author)

      This is a story about the ultimate weekend hookup between Ciara and Nikolaj. Ciara is in Toronto on business, when she meets Nikolaj. He is a dirty talking billionaire who can’t resist a dare / bet. Ciara is a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t want from men. She knows that she don’t want to get serious with anyone. Ciara and Nikolaj have a lot in common. He hits on Ciara when he meets her. They go dancing and later find an unlock door for Nikolaj to start working on his dare (to heat things up). These two have a lot in common, a lot of the same likes and dislikes, and rules. Ciara was into casual encounters and never sleeping over with one. 
     The chemistry between Ciara and Nikolaj is out of this world. The sex scenes are hot, scrumptious and steamy. Nikolaj is a hot alpha with a sense of humor. He likes to be a little bit dominate and to give a woman multiple orgasms. Ciara has a kinky side as well. They seem to be really into each other, but Ciara is scared and won’t show her true feelings. These two are great together. I hope that Ciara comes to her senses and let herself find happiness. Since this is a cliffhanger, I have to wait for the next book in the series to find out. I highly recommend this to anyone to loves a dirty talking alpha male.

5 Stars!!!

Hotness /Sexy = 5 Stars

Story = 5 Stars
Romance = 5 Stars
Chemistry Between Characters = 5 Stars
Cliffhanger / Series = Yes
Recommend to Others = Yes!!
Alpha Male With A Dirty Mouth = Yes Please! Yummy!

Dark Motorcycle Club

Night After Night (Night Riders Motorcycle Club Book 1)

Night After Night (Night Riders Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Kathryn Thomas (Author)

3 out of 5 stars
Story = 4 stars
Hotness / sex scenes = 4.5 stars

This is a dark, intense read. It is definitely not for everyone.

     Lauren is a 22 year old woman, who is taking a road trip alone. After she has car trouble, she finds herself a victim of human trafficking. Lauren is placed on an auction block, where 2 bikers are trying to outbid each other for her. Blake wins Lauren in the auction and takes her home with him. 

     Blake is a tattoo and scarred biker. He can be ruthless and will not hesitate to take out his enemies. Blake stops Lauren’s multiple attempts at escape. But Blake also protects her from Eric, another biker who is trying to hurt Lauren. Blake lets her known that he will never let her go.

      Night After Night is the first in the series. My only complaint is the editing/proofreading. I hate to have to mention it, but it became troublesome at times. This is the reason why my rate is 3 stars. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story and will mostly read the next story to see happens with Lauren and Blake.

Revenge, Suspense, Sizzling Chemistry = A Hot Night!

Found (Assassin's Revenge Book 1)

Found  (Assassin’s Revenge Book One)

Tara Crescent (Author)

5 out of 5 Stars!

        Found (Assassin’s Revenge Book 1) is the 1st installment in a new series. It is a great start as well. The main characters have many secrets and have tragic pasts.

      Rachel/Ellie is an assassin and is out for revenge. Ellie was kidnapped 6 years ago and held as a sex slave. Her entire life revolves around getting revenge on the man/master and his guards. She has already a few of the guards, when the story begins. Ellie has been using the identity of Rachel to find and kill Dylan McAllister. She doesn’t get close to men and fears intimacy, because all of that she suffered at the hands of Dylan and his men.

Marc/Alexander is a man of mystery. He has money and connections, but also hides behind the identity of a thief. We don’t know much about Marc/Alexander. We do know that he has an agenda and seems to be going after Dylan also. Marc meets Rachel in a bar and is instantly drawn to her. Marc plays Truth or Dare with Rachel. He can tell that she is confident and strong, but scared and nervous at the same time. They both know that the other is lying and hiding things. They go back to Marc/Alexander’s house to spend the night together. Marc/Alexander calls Ellie/Rachel ‘bright star’ during their time together.

      After their one night together, Marc/Alexander hopes to see Ellie/Rachel again. He gets her phone number and calls Rachel’s phone so she has Marc’s number. On her way back home, Ellie/Rachel destroys the phone and cries knowing that she will see Marc/Alexander again. Rachel also realized that Marc could have been her future that she didn’t know that she wanted. When Marc/Alexander tries to call Rachel and the number is not in service, he knows that he would have loved to get to know her better. While each two were having their night together, one of Marc’s men was killed. He tells the man’s pregnant girlfriend that he would take care of her. Marc seems to really care for his men.
Marc/Alexander does see Ellie/Rachel again at the end of the story. Ellie/Rachel is going by Jenny. She is to be auctioned off as a consensual slave, and Marc/Alexander is there with his girlfriend.

      This story does end in a cliffhanger. It leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen next. I have already purchased the next story in the series, Bought (Assassin’s Revenge Book 2). I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves erotic romance, suspense and mystery. This is not the first book that I have read by this author, and it will definitely not be my last. I loved the twists and turns of the story. I loved that Marc and Rachel had sizzling chemistry and a hot passion. I really felt for both of the main characters. I wanted to see them grow and find happiness. Call me sappy. I want a HEA for Ellie and Alexander. One of my favorite lines was; “You have to be whole to love.”

** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It doesn’t affect the content of my review. **

Double Your Pleasure! ; )

Dearest Stepbrother: Triple Trouble (Book 1)

Dearest Stepbrother: Triple Trouble (Book One)

Olivia Hawthorne (Author)

4 out of 5 stars.

     Melody’s mother is murder and everything changes very quickly. Her stepfather takes Melody and her 3 stepbrothers off to a cabin in the woods. While trying to deal with the death of her mother, Melody’s stepfather says that he is leaving and will eventually come back to get them. He is going to find who kill his wife and wants them to be safely hidden away. The twins, Connor and Brent, decide to show Melody some of their favorite places that their explored as children with their mother. They take her to a cave, where the twins show Melody how they feel about her. As things progress, Melody feels that it isn’t right for them to kiss and touch each other. Connor suggests that she let them (both boys) help her forget for a short time. After some convincing, it gets very steamy between the three of the step siblings.

Hotness / Sexy = 4 stars

Taboo = Yes
Cliffhanger / Series = Yes. This is the 1st of 5 or 6 books.

Holy Hot Cowboys!

Menage a Cowboy 1: Billionaire Western Menage
 Menage A Cowboy: Billionaire Western Menage (Part One)
Jamie Klaire (Author)
        Wow! Grace is home from college. She goes to help her veterinarian dad on a call. There is a mare having trouble giving birth, and Grace is asked to help out. She is caught daydreaming while starring at the hot cowboy, Scott. Grace is nervous, but the handsome cowboy encourages her to jump in. Later Grace goes to take a shower and meets Scott’s twin brother, Adam. Not realizing that he isn’t Scott, they end up kissing and getting caught by her dad and Scott. Grace is embarrassed about what happened, but has to go back the next day to check on the horses. She runs into Scott. They start kissing, and it gets very steamy in a barn stall. The twin cowboys are very different (at least kissing styles). Adam is more gentle and sensual. Where Scott is more controlling and demanding. He is a little bit of a dirty mouth and likes to talk while he makes out (makes love). This is a very hot book. It ends with a cliffhanger. I am going to read the next one now.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Hotness / Sexy = 5 Stars
Cliffhanger / Series = Yes. This is the 1st of 4 books.
Alpha Male with some light BDSM.

Hot Boon!

The Biker's Touch: A Cold Steel Motorcycle Club Romance Novella

The Biker’s Touch: A Cold Steel Motorcycle Club Romance Novella
Meg Jackson (Author)

      This is another great book by Meg Jackson. This is a great sexy, steamy, quick read.
Samantha and her two friends head to Las Vegas on vacation. They each want to try something new. Each girl promises to do those things and to help each other achieve their’s while there. Samantha wanted to make out with a stranger. She is a good girl looking to be a little bad. While at a bar, she meets Boon. Samantha has been drinking, but she likes what she sees. Boon is a sexy tattooed biker. He takes Samantha and her friends to a biker bar with the intent of getting pot. Boon and Samantha make out in the bathroom. Samantha and her friends leave the bar when the night is over, but she can’t stop thinking about Boon. After realizing she has no way to contact him, Samantha sets out to find Boon. Boon has a mysterious past and a situation with his father. He is a yummy bad boy with a dirty mouth. Samantha and her friends eventually leave Las Vegas and Boon behind to return home. This is the first book of three. I recommend this book to anyone who loves sexy bad boy bikers, especially dirty talking and bossy ones.

5 out of 5 Stars!

Russian Enforcer’s Virgin Captive

Russian Enforcer's Virgin Captive (Russian Enforcers Book 2)
                                    Nic Saint (Author)

Holy Hot Russian Enforcer

         Ariel is a young American girl. She wakes up in Russia with no memory of how she got there. Ariel discovers that she is being held captive by a Russian Enforcer, and that he is her husband. Even after see photographs and the video of the wedding, Ariel doesn’t believe that they are husband and wife. She discovers that she is being held, because of her father. Ariel has been told that he had died. She tries multiple times to escape without success. Ariel verbal spars with her captor/husband. She is feisty and goes toe to toe with Dimitri.
        Dimitri is a tattooed Russian Enforcer. Dimitri’s brother was charged with getting Ariel and using her to get her father out of hiding. After seeing Ariel’s picture, Dimitri knows that he has to keep her safe. He knew that his brother, Roman, would hurt Ariel.Dimitri and Ariel start to have feelings for each other. They seem to want to protect each other. Dimitri realizes the only way to keep Ariel safe is to take off with her. They need to go into hiding from the Russian Mob and his brother. He knows that Roman will hunt them both down. While Dimitri and Ariel are on the run, they meet up with Ariel’s father. He tells them that he can help Ariel, but not Dimitri. Ariel refuses to leave her husband behind. She is Dimitri’s only family now, and they love each other.
       The story ends with Dimitri and Ariel safe for now. We are given a glimpse of Roman and Dora, whose story is next. Ariel and Dimitri have great chemistry together and a sweet romance.
       There were many great moments between Dimitri and Ariel. Some moments were funny, and some were more serious. These two character are great together. I can’t wait for the next book and to find out what happens next for Ariel and Dimitri.

** This is my honest review in exchange for an ARC. **

5 Stars!

Forbidden Game (Stepbrother Affairs 2)

Forbidden Game

                                                                                                      Cerise Lush (Author)

Game of Truth or Dare

      Candice goes to her family’s lake house with some friends, her boyfriend and her step brother, Cameron. After Candice’s boyfriend tries to force her to kiss him, Cameron comes to her rescue. After the two boys get into a fight, everyone leaves the lake house except Cameron and Candice. As they spend some of their Spring Break alone, they play their own game of truth or dare. Cameron and Candice admit their feelings for each other. The game takes a steamy and naughty turn very quickly. Yum. There is romance, hot sex scenes and a little kink. Cue the fan.

Sexy/Steamy Scenes = 5 Stars
Romance =5 Stars
Plot = 5 Stars
Character Development = 4.5 Stars
Ending = 3 Stars I felt like it maybe it was a suppose to continue in the next book.
Taboo = Yes

Recommend to Others = Definitely 

I really enjoyed Cameron and Candice’s story.