Penetrated On Ponetown (Back Roads Book 1)

Penetrated On Ponetown (A Back Roads Book 1)

Moxie Darling (Author)

      Clover gets stranded in the back roads of West Virginia. She was on her way to bring literacy to rural children. When Clover runs out of gas, she starts walking and stumbles upon two men. Jim and his son, Eustace, are rough, lonely mountain men. Jim will help Clover get where she is going for a price. Clover has to stay with them for a week and have sex with both men. Jim is crude, unemotional and likes rough sex. Eustace is a virgin and needs instruction with every aspect of sex. He seems sweet and has a soft side for Clover. Clover does enjoy sex with both men. She seems up for almost anything. Clover and Eustace start to fall for each other in the end and maybe love. 

     This story has lots of steamy sex scenes with a little bit of romance. I only wish it was longer. I’m greedy that way. 

4 slightly dirty but so good stars!

**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This is indeed my honest review.**

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