The Panty Whisperer: An Erotic Short Story (The Panty Whisperer Series Book 1)

The Panty Whisperer (An Erotic Short Story)

Sloane Howell (Author)

       This is a quick, steamy read. 

      Joel is a self described panty whisperer. Joel believes that his God given talent is sexually pleasing women. He feels that he has the ability to help women come out of their shells. Joel loves women and sex. Jessica works in the accounting department. She is in an unhappy marriage. Jessica is the type of woman that Joel is into.
     This is basically one big sex scene. It does seem end abruptly. I want to know what happens next. Does Joel move on to the next woman, or do these two continue their affair?? I want to know!

Hotness/ Sexy = 5 Stars!
Romance = 4 Stars!
Overall = 4 Stars!

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