Treasure Me (Alpha Four Book 1)

Treasure Me (Alpha Four Book 1)

Mia Dymond (Author)

     This is another great book by Mia Dymond. I love her sassy, independent heroines and sexy, alpha heroes. Rebel is part of the Alpha Four team that is called in to help protect Sophie. Alpha Four are ex military men that have a security company. Sophie is an art broker that has been attacked, and someone has tried to steal paintings from her. I love how Sophie challenges Rebel. They are a great couple, in my opinion. This story has mystery and suspense. You don’t know who is after the paintings and why until the end. I only wish that I knew what happens next with Rebel and Sophie. Maybe the next book with have some of their story in it. Everyone needs their own “Dark Warrior”! Highly enjoyable short read.

5 Stars!

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