Taboo Romance

CRAVE: My Billionaire Stepbrother (CRAVE Series Book 1)

Crave: My Billionaire Stepbrother

Stephanie Brother (Author)

    This is a short taboo romance. Heather has a rough, tough life. She loves and misses her step brother, Carter. She doesn’t understand how he could leave her. Carter has moved to New York to become a famous model. Heather discovers that there is a contest to win a date with Carter. She enters it with hopes of see him again. Heather wants to tells Carter that she loves him, not like a sibling but as a woman. She wins the contest and excited to see Carter again. He is excited that it is Heather won as well. Carter tells Heather that he loves her also. They decide to be together. I enjoyed this sweet read.

Taboo = Yes, step siblings
Romance = 4 stars
Heat / Sexy = 5 stars
Overall = 4 1/2 stars

A Hot, Quick Encounter!! Yum!,

The Panty Whisperer: An Erotic Short Story (The Panty Whisperer Series Book 1)

The Panty Whisperer (An Erotic Short Story)

Sloane Howell (Author)

       This is a quick, steamy read. 

      Joel is a self described panty whisperer. Joel believes that his God given talent is sexually pleasing women. He feels that he has the ability to help women come out of their shells. Joel loves women and sex. Jessica works in the accounting department. She is in an unhappy marriage. Jessica is the type of woman that Joel is into.
     This is basically one big sex scene. It does seem end abruptly. I want to know what happens next. Does Joel move on to the next woman, or do these two continue their affair?? I want to know!

Hotness/ Sexy = 5 Stars!
Romance = 4 Stars!
Overall = 4 Stars!

Rebel "My Dark Warrior"

Treasure Me (Alpha Four Book 1)

Treasure Me (Alpha Four Book 1)

Mia Dymond (Author)

     This is another great book by Mia Dymond. I love her sassy, independent heroines and sexy, alpha heroes. Rebel is part of the Alpha Four team that is called in to help protect Sophie. Alpha Four are ex military men that have a security company. Sophie is an art broker that has been attacked, and someone has tried to steal paintings from her. I love how Sophie challenges Rebel. They are a great couple, in my opinion. This story has mystery and suspense. You don’t know who is after the paintings and why until the end. I only wish that I knew what happens next with Rebel and Sophie. Maybe the next book with have some of their story in it. Everyone needs their own “Dark Warrior”! Highly enjoyable short read.

5 Stars!

Hot, Hot, Hot For The Neighbor’s Son!!!

The Neighbor's Son (The Forbidden Love Series: Book 1): Possessive Alpha Male Romance, New Adult Short Stories, Suspense Romance, Bad Boy Romance

The Neighbor’s Son (The Forbidden Love Series Book 1)

Ella Ward (Author)

** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ** This is an my honest review!

      This is part 1 of a 4 part series. It is a short and sensual read involving a young man and an “older” woman.
*possible spoilers*

      Sidney McDougal is a 32 year old divorcee, who is starting over in a sense. She was able to keep her house in the divorce, but has to get a job. Sidney is able to get a job as a teacher at a Catholic School. Because of this, Sidney feels that she needs to stay on the straight and narrow. Sidney’s ex husband repeated cheated on her. Sidney is scared to dated again, but is also frightened of being alone.

      Cade Fisher is the neighbor’s nineteen year old son, who just moved into the neighborhood. Cade shows up at Sidney’s door introducing himself and looking for any repair work. The sexual tension and attraction between the two are instantaneous.

      Sidney does her best to forget about or tell herself that Cade is too young for her. Sidney does hire Cade to work on her desk, thanks to her neighbor put Sidney on the spot. Sidney got to see Cade get dirty and shirtless. Then she watched as he got naked and went into the pool. I loved how Sidney’s inner voice kept saying, “DANGER! DANGER!”. Sidney was desperately trying to get him out of the pool. I love how Cade gets Sidney into the pool. I really wanted that scene to continue and felt bad for Cade.

      Sidney does often worry about the age difference between herself and Cade and what people would think about them. Her friend finally convinces Sidney to go out on a blind date. Of course, Sidney thought about Cade through out the whole date. Later, Cade comes to apologize to Sidney. She no longer has the desire or willpower to resist him. It get very sensual and erotic between Cade and Sidney. I love when Cade tells Sidney, “You think you have me all figured out, don’t you? You know nothing about me, Sidney. But I’m going to make sure you learn a few things about me tonight.” That is so hot to me!! Cade seems more mature sexually than Sidney.

       Some of my favorite quotes by Cade were; “When I’m done with you, you won’t remember your own name. I’m going to make sure of it.”
“What we did just now was only the dress rehearsal, the warm up. I haven’t even begun to rock your world yet, sweetheart.”

       If you are like me, when finished with the book you will be left wanting more. So, I definitely am going to read the next book in this series. I want to know what the future holds for Cade and Sidney, what happens with Sidney’s ex husband, I want more romantic, steamy scenes, and so much more. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a hot, steamy read.

4 1/2 Sexy Stars!

Poor, Little Rich Girl and Hot, Sexy Biker!

Rough Love (Rattlesnake Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)

Rough Love (Rattlesnake Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)

Meg Jackson (Author)

Hot, Dirty, Rough Novella with a bad boy who is a member of a motorcycle gang.

       Serena is out to punish her dad by buying items from his rival’s agency. Her mother died when she was young, and Serena’s only friend is her maid. She comes home to find that her apartment has been trashed / ransacked. Instead on running out and calling the police, Serena searches through the rooms for her maid. She ends up being kidnapped.

       Gunner is a leader of a motorcycle gang. He is has kidnapped Serena for ransom. He is a sexy biker with a sensitive side. As soon as Serena see Gunner for first time, she is attracted to him. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman. Gunner has Serena send videos to her father everyday. He lets her know that he had an rough childhood. As these two spend more time together, they talk and the sexual tension grows. These two are very hot together. There are some rough, dirty and hot sex, like the one in the shed / dingy room where Serena is held.

        Eventually Gunner tells Serena what is really going on with her kidnapping and her father. He asks Serena to go see her father and steal something of his that is very important to him. The other bikers didn’t know if she would do it and prove to be with them / Gunner.

       There is a lot of hot sex scenes in this book. There is also an instant love with Serena and Gunner. I didn’t mind that part and still enjoyed the story of the couple. If you are looking for a short, sexy read, this is a book for you. Holy Hot Bikers!! I am looking forward to other books by Meg Jackson.

Sexy/Hotness = 5 Stars!
Romance = 4 1/2 Stars!
Alpha Male = Oh Yes!
Recommend To Others = Yes
Overall = 4 1/2 Stars!